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Arya Looks For A Bride: The ‘Mapillai Arya Activity’ Involves Auditions And ‘Specific Tasks’

at PVP Production No 11 Movie Launch

Earlier today, actor Arya posted a video on his Facebook page. Captioned “Hi friends, Finally in search of my Life Partner#MySoulmate,” it had way too many hearts and one too many emojis (which we will not publish here). Needless to say, Arya talked about wanting to get married. He spoke of finding a ‘life partner’ and that he wouldn’t want to do it the conventional way. There wouldn’t be any ‘demands or conditions’, he said in the video, at the end of which, a number flashed on screen.

Calling the number directed us to a site – www.mapillaiarya.com.

Looks like Arya is going to indulge himself in something similar to that of The Bachelor. While the website doesn’t specify a reality show as such, the ‘Mapillai Arya activity’ as it is called, comes with a detailed registration form and a set of terms and conditions:

“Arya is searching for a life partner. In this regard, he and/or Team will meet various female suitors who register and participate in this Entry Process as per the terms and conditions set forth herein and shall shortlist the selected few for further rounds of selection for this purpose. The criteria for selection for further rounds of this Activity includes auditions during which the Registrants will be given specific tasks that the Short Listed Registrants may be required to fulfil in order to clear the selection criteria and proceed further in the Activity.”

Earlier, Bollywood actors like Rakhi Sawant and Mallika Sherawat had starred in reality television shows – along the lines of the US show – that had several ‘candidates’ vying to be their misters. Rakhi Ka Swayamwar (2009) and The Bachelorette India (2013) featuring Sherawat did end in the actresses choosing someone they would like to marry, but Rakhi eventually called off the engagement to Elesh Parujanwala while Sherawat broke up with Vijay Singh a year after the show ended.

Watch Arya’s video here: