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As Goundamani Turns 81, Here’s Looking At His Beliefs, Activities, Onscreen Antics And More

Pays Homage to Kumarimuthu

Goundamani came to Tamil cinema over four decades ago in Nagesh’s Server Sundaram in 1964, but his first credited role was as Rajinikanth’s sidekick in 16 Vayadhinile almost a decade later. The leading comedian who defined Tamil cinema in the 80s and 90s and still continues to live on, with the same amount of relevance.


As the comedian turns 81, we walk down the memory lane, to rememy some of his beliefs, activities, advice, tips, and whatnot…

Goundamani’s Fashion

Right now we’ve all got our eyes on ripped and distressed jeans, but Goundamani knew the trend way back. Except, owing to the lack of equipment, he rips it apart with a knife. Our foreign return Jacky, with his love for Michael and Janet Jackson is one you can never erase from memory. Paired up with Venniradai Moorthi, this comedy features in P Vasu’s Kizhaku Karai.

Goundamani’s Hunger Strike

Between food and ego, food will always win. But Goundamani just believed that he could keep his hunger at bay for a worker’s union strike called upon by Rajinikanth’s character. His struggle with a bunch of workers to grab a bite is hilariously aided by Manorama’s taunting and Rajini’s poker face. The comedy features in P Vasu’s Mannan.

Goundamani’s Healthcare Tip For The Liver

Did you know paper roast dosas are good for the liver? (Maybe we should try it too, but at a better restaurant.) The comedy features in K Subhash’s Bramma.

Goundamani’s Audition For Ilaiyaraaja

While a lot of singers have dreamt of singing in the maestro’s troupe, we think Goundamani is possibly the first comedian to dream of the same, that too while behind bars. And he absolutely kills it, doesn’t he? That’s some tough competition for SP Balasubrahmanyam. The comedy features in V Azhagappan’s Thangamana Raasa.

Goundamani’s Staunch Belief That ‘Louves’ Has No Age

Love is love. It sees no age, colour, sex. And our ‘All In All Azhagu Raja’ offers an explanation for this clearly. The comedy features in R Sunder Rajan’s Vaidehi Kathirunthal.

Goundamani’s Aversion To ‘Thala’

First things first, it’s not the ‘Thala’ you’re thinking about. But it sure is related to it. Why do people go for short forms and not just use their original names? How did Aravind Swami turn into Thala, the biggest question Goundamani has here.

Goundamani’s Message About Alcohol

For all you people presuming that drinking is a recreational activity, Goundamani shows how difficult it is for every ‘kudimagan’. With your throat burning and head spinning, it isn’t all ‘jolly’ as it seems. And to top it, the finger food they consume along with the drink, only makes them responsible. This comedy features in Anu Mohan’s Idhu Oru Thodar Kathai.

Goundamani’s Take On Equality

When two people are at work, it is necessary they take turns and work for an efficient outcome. Goundamani pretty much tries to convey the same, except with a lot of sarcasm. He also breaks the visible class-caste conflict with it.

Goundamani As A Music Teacher

We are guessing you must have already got the hint and identified what this is about. If not, ‘Ninnu Kori Varnam’ should help you out. One needs patience as a teacher, and Goundamani sure does have a lot of it. This comedy is a part of Gangai Amaren’s Themmangu Paattukaaran that’s all about music, quite literally.

Goundamani’s Math Skills

Apart from every other skill he possesses, his ability to calculate is spot on. Shakuntala Devi, we seem to have found someone capable of challenging you. This comedy featuring the duo is a part of Manivasagam’s Kattabomman.

Goundamani’s Law

Goundamani talks to Manivannan about the labour law which supposedly states that employees must be paid in full no matter how many days they work excluding the bill on food. How we wish the law is actually amended this way especially during these hard times. The comedy also features his counterpart (pun unintended) Senthil, the other employee of the house.

To end with, we have his wonderful counterpart wishing him. The classic duo and their perfectly sketched slapstick comedy sequences will always delight Tamil audiences.

With inputs from Karthikeyan Asokan