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‘En Nenjil Kudiyirukkum’: Seven Striking Speeches By Actor Vijay Over The Years

Vijay who’s among the most sought after stars in the Tamil film industry currently, and has completed 64 films to date, has always shown his gratitude to fans. Every time he says “En Nenjil Kudi Irukum Ennadhu Anbana Rasigargaluku” fans go ballistic.


He’s a star who truly engages with his fans. Here’s a look back at his most famous speeches, as the actor turns 46.

Kaththi Success Meet

Kaththi was about farmers and their plight and came out before writers got hooked on to the formulaic template. In this meet, we find him asking the right questions on behalf of farmers, the poor, and about the famine. He also links it with his popular dialogue about communism that is a go-to template for meme-makers and several others today.

Warning To Srilanka Over Indian Fishermen’s Killing

Vijay has been known to voice his opinion on various issues, leading to speculations about his political ambitions. He also spoke out against the killing of fishermen by Sri Lanka. Straight out of his Velayudham shoot, Vijay headed to speak to his fans in Nellai asking them to write to the central and state governments to take action on what had happened. He is believed to have been on a hunger strike with the fans.


While Chennai saw a one-of-its-kind protest in January 2017 for Jallikattu, Vijay made his now famous, wordplay on PETA, asking them to leave. The video garnered more than one million views on his Twitter handle.

Mersal Audio Launch

Ignore negativity, rise above hate, and spread love, the ‘Thalapathy’ tells his ‘nanbas’ and ‘nanbis’. The highlight of course was his: “Ellarukume namala pudichu pochu na, apram life bore adichuraathu?” Won’t life become boring if everybody starts liking us?.

Sarkar Audio Launch

These are times when huge stars refuse to attend audio launches and award functions, and Vijay stands out by looking at it as the only opportunity he has to meet his fans. His quirky punch lines, ‘not-so-obvious’ statements for Sarkar, and ideas of how a leader must rule, made this speech interesting. The “Usupethravan kitta ummunum, kadupethravan kitta gammunum iruntha, vaazhkai jammunu pogum,” meaning “If you stay poker-faced towards those who taunt you and silent towards those who irk you, your life will move smoothly,” has been repeated on several stages by various people now and has even been made into a song.


Vijay had to request his nanbas and nanbis to quiet down, because they refused to let him speak for a while, with their cheering and loud welcome. In this speech, he addressed the crowd about the toxic fan culture of our times and asked them to rather channelise their energies for serving people. Although, not much as changed as far as toxic fandom online is concerned, that he addressed it was a welcome move. His usual “En nenjil kudi irukkum ennadhu anbana rasigargaluku” line was made into a song for the film.


From apologising for narrating ‘Kutty stories’ to fans eagerly waiting for his ‘Kutty Story’, that is also now a song in Master, Vijay has surely gone places. He asked fans to keep progressing quietly like a river despite all the hurdles and stones on the way and to kill them with success and bury them with smiles. For the first time, fans got to see their ‘Anna’ dancing live to the tune of ‘Vaathi Coming’, a song in the film. This was also the speech where he said wanted to dress for the function like his ‘Nanbar Ajith‘ which created a lot of buzz amongst fan groups.

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