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Fashion Police : Samantha, The Times Of India And Twitter

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a fashion class and the fan that just wanted a drink. A Twitter roundup.

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu had a makeover last year and has slowly become a poster child of sorts for high fashion down south. Always flaunting those YSL studs and the Chanel outfits, Samantha had even made it to several best dressed lists recently. All was fine, until the Alludu Seenu audio launch. The fusion sari that she wore for the event evoked mixed responses – some liked it, some hated it and some didn’t know how they felt about it. But a leading national daily obviously didn’t care for the look and conducted an investigation (we do ours on Google and wiki) into the ‘lookbook’ of Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

We like Samantha — the movies she does, the charm she exudes, her sense of style… Ok, correction. Strike out the ‘style’ bit for now. For all the hosannas we sang of the great ‘Samantha Style Transformation’, turns out, the Tollywood diva, and her stylist, have been taking a leaf (or more) out of Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s style book! [Link]

An angry Samantha took the newspaper to task on Twitter, posting a series of tweets intended to educate its writers on fashion. Here’s a look at how her fan-dom reacted to her series of tweets on the topic:

Samantha started politely enough.

To which, some ardent fans came up with a few fervent declarations. A Telugu fan wrote:

This Tamil fan though, issued a stern warning.

The actress then launched into an explanation that would eventually be broken up into multiple tweets:

But, her fans just wanted her to let it go..let it goo..like Princess Elsa from Frozen.




All that her homies wanted though, was the key to her heart. Or at the very least, a good morning tweet.


Sam continued.



Samantha also made it quite clear that she didn’t think the newspaper was a ‘fashion review standard’.



Not all her fans were supportive. They are like moms. They love you unconditionally but don’t hesitate to call you out on your mistakes. Here’s one superfan :

She ended with a cheeky thanks. For the publicity, of course.


This guy liked it a lot. We think he is a cricket fan.



Producer Varun Manian wholeheartedly agreed as well.


But then Samantha realised that she’d been spamming everybody’s Timeline at 7 AM in the morning.


Her fans didn’t really mind, though. ‘Sam’ can do no wrong.


And, this guy just wanted a drink.



A few hours later, all was well. She turned up in a tres chic Burberry dress for an event and was her usual cheery self.











Full length photo courtesy: tupaki.com

Featured image courtesy: Aptoday.com

Samantha in Burberry courtesy: Yadtek.com