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From ‘The Sound of Magic’ to ‘Bloody Heart’: K-Dramas Releasing in May 2022

Korean dramas have gained immense popularity, owing to several releases in the last few months that have been well-received worldwide. K-dramas such as Twenty-Five, Twenty-One, Business Proposal, All of Us are Dead, and Again My Life, have taken audiences across the world by a storm.


On Netflix, K-dramas like Business Proposal and All of us Are Dead, have been trending in the Top 10 most watched TV shows in India for weeks.

On that note, Silverscreen India brings you a list of Korean dramas premiering in the month of May.

1. Bloody Heart (May 2) – KBS2, Disney+ Hotstar

Bloody Heart is a period drama, which talks about the romance between King Lee-tae, who is forced to abandon the woman he loves, and Yoo-jeong, who has to become a queen in order to survive.


2. There Is No Goo Pil-Soo (May 4) – MBC

There is no Goo Pil-soo focuses on the bromance between 40-year-old breadwinner Goo Pil Soo, who dreams for success, and 20-year-old genius Jung Seok, who aspires to own a start-up. The drama will portray stories, depicting recent social and educational problems in society. At the same time, it will also bridge generational gaps between the protagonists.


3. The Sound Of Magic (May 6) – Netflix

Starring Ji Chang-wook, The Sound of Magic narrates the story of a magician living in an abandoned theme park, “who makes troubles disappear, and hope reappear, for a disenchanted teen enduring harsh realities.”


4. O’PENing (May 2) – TVN

O’PENing tells the story of a high school student, who was born as with both sex chromosomes – XX and XY. The series looks into the protagonist’s life, as they pave their own future against all odds.



5. Eve (May 25) – TVN

In Eve, Lee Ra-el’s (Seo Ye Ji) family crumbles when forces beyond their control cause her father’s death. She vows revenge on the super-rich people, who orchestrated this terrible tragedy. Her weapon of choice is divorce. By placing herself at the centre of a legal battle she hopes to bring down those responsible for her father’s death. In order to do so, she will need to wage a bitter legal struggle and fight powerful forces both inside and outside the courtroom.


6. Woori The Virgin (May 9) – SBS

A remake of the 2014 American TV show Jane the Virgin, this drama revolves around Oh Woori, an assistant writer of a popular drama series. She has vowed to remain a virgin until she marries, and has shied away from romantic relationships. When she attends a routine medical exam, a terrible mix-up takes place and she is accidentally artificially inseminated. After discovering her pregnancy, she demands the hospital gets to the bottom of the case.


7. Kiss Sixth Sense (May 25) – Disney Plus

In this drama, protagonist Yesul Hong has a secret; when she kisses someone, she can see flashes of their future. She doesn’t get much use out of her ability until one day, when she accidentally kisses her evil boss, Minhu Cha. To her shock, she sees a vision of a romantic relationship between them.


8. Doctor Lawyer (May 27) – MBC
In the drama Doctor Lawyer, a genius surgeon who became a lawyer specialising in medical litigation, after losing everything through a rigged operation, and a prosecutor in charge of medical crimes, meet. The show is a heartwarming and exhilarating medical suspense court drama that comforts victims of unfairness.