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Kaala Trailer 2: Rajinikanth And Nana Patekar Spell Swag In Their Own Ways

What makes the fervent audience of Rajinikanth going until the release of his upcoming gangster flick Kaala on June 7. Producer of the film Dhanush hit the nail exactly on the right spot with the release of Kaala’s new trailer where the superstar scores at every second that passes.


Clad in a lungi, Rajinikanth is back again with his impactful dialogues and punches. The trailer starts off with Nanapatekar promising to clear out poverty, following which a building is seen flames. Nana Patekar’s character who appears more like a politician trying to wipe out the slums of Mumbai gets in a hot contest with Karikaalan, who peacefully lives as the saviour of the people of the slum. In a scene, Patekar points out Kaala to be the ‘Ravan’, which clearly puts his character in the spot of Ram.

The scene also has ‘Patthu thala Ravana’ playing in the background, packing in a perfect punch. The icing however is Kaala’s cheeky proposal to his love interest Eswari Rao. The trailer also features Anjali Patil, who plays an activist. It finally ends with Kaala saying ‘Our body is our only weapon. We will show this to the world. Call all our people!’


While the first one had ‘Semma weightu’ grabbing attention, ‘Patthu thala Ravana‘ in the second trailer has also managed to pack in a similar effect.

The film is set in a Mumbai slum where Rajini’s character Karikaalan is the supreme leader. The trailer also shows off some of Rajinikanth’s action skill with some crafted stunts.

Kaala is almost similar to Kabali in its tone, theme, and making. The duo’s previous venture was a huge commercial and critical success. The film releases on June 7.

Watch the trailer here: