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Kamal Haasan On Politics: The Actor Has Been Quite Active This July

Kamal Haasan at Papanasam Success Meet

“There you go. Seems like we have another CM. Jai de-mockcrazy” read a tweet by Kamal Haasan on February 18.

Ever since the AIADMK split down the middle, actor Kamal Haasan has taken to political commentary with a vengeance. Some are decipherable, and others cryptic. But, nevertheless, each comment is acerbic, and takes on the current government and its policies. 

In the last month though, the actor has been especially vocal. So much so that he even drew the ire of several AIADMK leaders. And the strange (but unsurprising) support of former CM, OP Panneerselvam.

Kamal also went a step ahead and began an online campaign. He told fans and followers to send their grievances, and instances of corruption they had encountered to the email IDs of AIADMK leaders.

The Times Of India later reported that the contact information of the CM, and other leaders have been missing since then.

A timeline of Kamal Haasan’s commentary, and his actions in July: 

July 18: The first hint

In a series of poetic tweets, Kamal Haasan talked politics. While the media and fans scrambled to decode his words, none knew if they had been successful. Some said that Kamal’s message was like a “mother’s advice” which would make sense only later, while others like actor Prasanna seemed to think that Kamal was ready to join politics. 


July 12: Tackled political questions at a non-political event

When Kamal Haasan calls for a press meet, questions about politics have become inevitable. During a press meet to address the controversies surrounding Bigg Boss on July 12, he welcomed questions on politics too.

He said: “I have the right to be unhappy or angry with the government as I am a sincere citizen. If Rajinikanth comes tomorrow to politics and if he is not honest, I will criticize him, too.”

He also said, “There is corruption everywhere in the State” – which prompted a barrage of insults and remarks from AIADMK leaders like Finance Minister D Jayakumar, who dared the actor to enter politics, and Municipal Administration Minister SP Velumani, who threatened to order an audit.

July 20: Political comment at a non-political event # 2

Minister Velumani had referred to Kamal Haasan in the singular, without the honorific suffix (avarkal) in Tamil that is used to denote respect. The minister also hit out at him for his political ambiguity. As brand ambassador of the Kabadi team, Tamil Thalaivas, Haasan attended the Jersey launch of the team on July 20. During a speech there, he took a dig at the minister. While talking about the team name ‘Tamil Thalaivas’ (which is in a plural form, ‘panmai’ in Tamil), he said: “Good that the team’s name is Thalaivas, Ippolam ellarum orumaila thaane pesuraanga.

July 27: Bold statement on Tamil Nadu politics

In a recent Vikatan interview, Kamal Haasan said: “This AIADMK government will dissolve on its own. We don’t have to do anything. They have been blundering about for a long time.”

July 29: Says he will continue to criticise, but wouldn’t join politics

Kamal Haasan told Thanthi TV in an interview that he would continue to share his thoughts on the government, but it doesn’t mean that he had decided to join politics.

He said: “Current state of politics is such that only a person well-versed in state craft can do some amount of good to the people. I am probably the best choice to run a film school. I am not equipped enough to take on a career in politics. I am the sort of person who thinks that corruption should not be a part of public life. That does not automatically make me a good choice of leader.”

August 1: Kamal Haasan brings corruption to light

Acting on minister Velumani’s challenge to expose corruption in Tamil Nadu, Haasan pointed out that rotten eggs were being served to school children in Perambalur for their mid-day meal. His fans began circulating pictures of eggs floating in water, an indication that the eggs are unfit for consumption. The actor then tweeted:

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