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Masaba to Sabyasachi: 6 Designers Who Inspire Ashna Zaveri

Ashna Zaveri  HQ Photos from Inimey Ippadithaan Press Meet
Ashna Zaveri HQ Photos from Inimey Ippadithaan Press Meet

For actress Ashna Zaveri, fashion is ‘extremely important’. “Without it, I can do nothing,” she declares, as she settles down to list her favourite designers. Last seen in the comic caper Inimey Ippadithaan, Ashna has dabbled in fashion styling herself – ‘a summer thing,’ she says breezily. She has also assisted with photo-shoots. These experiences, coupled with her love of all things clothes, have helped her acting career as well. “I worked extensively with the stylist of Inimey to get my look just right for the film. Even some of my clothes during promotional appearances were my own designs.”

Her marked interest in the field means that she has decidedly strong opinions about the way people dress. Image is everything, according to her. “People who hang out with me must be well-dressed. It makes a lot of difference to the way you carry yourself. I believe this is of utmost importance. That old saying ‘clothes maketh the man’? Well, I totally believe in it.”

Masaba Gupta


Ashna is fascinated by fashion designer Masaba Gupta’s bold use of fabrics and prints. “They’re quirky, but they look good on you. That in itself is a huge, huge thing. These days we often see a lot of nice graphic dresses that give you a washed out look. But not with Masaba’s stuff.”




Jade Couture


This Mumbai-based couture company has well-known patrons like Deepika Padukone and Sania Mirza. It also finds favour with Ashna, “Jade’s dresses have an elegant, timeless look to them that is near impossible to replicate. They’re all classics!”






2007ss-versace-01The Italian brand is known for its bold colours and glamourous outfits. Ashna informs me that the outfits practically scream movie star: “Bold, brash, loud. These are the words I always associate with Versace. They’re all over the place and yet, there’s a delicacy hidden in them. This contrast really appeals to me.”




Kristy Decunha


Designer Kristy Decunha’s niche sense of styling is what appeals to Ashna. There’s a whimsical quality to the outfits that make them stand out, she says. “I don’t think Kristy’s designs can ever be pigeonholed into one particular style. Each one makes an independent style statement. No use trying to call it this or that!”





Sabyasachi Mukherjee

483899c15bf32e095c2e40b05a61e75bSabyasachi’s attention to detail is what endears him to most of his celebrity patrons. That and his near-romantic sense of style. “Have you seen his bridal wear collections? They are to die for! I mean, only Sabyasachi can dream up something so out of the world and yet so rooted in our traditions. They’re simply breathtaking,” gushes Ashna.




Abu Jani – Sandeep Khosla


With Aishwarya Rai wearing their outfits to every other event, it is no surprise when Ashna tells me that she ‘keeps seeing a lot of their outfits around’. “I think these guys are underrated. I mean, they are not as popular as say, Ritu Kumar. The public doesn’t really know them well. But seriously, their stuff is really cool.”





Ashna then ends the conversation with a cheery admission, “I’m a shopaholic.”

Well, no surprises there.


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