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My Inspirations: Nandita Sweta

Actress Nandita Sweta, who has bagged a role in the Vijay-starrer Puli, loves watching films in which women play integral roles. Since there aren’t many such movies, she wishes that more filmmakers could write strong female characters. “After all, we need chances to prove our prowess,” she says.

Here, Nandita talks about films that inspired her in some ways.


1. Fashion

Having been a part of fashion and cinema industry, I love films that offer an insider view. Whenever I am free, I end up watching Fashion. Will you believe if I confess that I would have watched it over 250 times? I love Kangna Ranaut’s character in particular. I was in awe of her performance and I respect her more for accepting that kind of a role. She is really an inspiration.

2. Kadhal

It’s one of the films that made me cry. Even now, if I watch it, I wouldn’t be able to forget it for a couple of days. Sandhya was very young when she did that film, wasn’t she? But, despite her age, she pulled it off. She was great in one of the scenes where she bursts into tears and removes her mangalyam. That scene affected me when I watched the first time. And, it’s hard for an actress to portray an innocent character. I have done it in a couple of films, and I know how difficult it is.

3. Barfi

I love it so much, and I think it’s one of the most heartwarming movies. I am so proud of Priyanka Chopra for going de-glam and she gave a nice performance even as an old woman at the end. Till I watched Barfi, I was not comfortable with my full-lips. I thought something was off about it. But, after Barfi, and after watching Priyanka Chopra being comfortable with it, I don’t feel odd about it anymore on screen.

4. Maryan


It’s a beautiful film, and I can’t say anything new about the film. Dhanush is an extraordinary performer. I kept thinking of Parvathy and her flawless performance after I watched it. As an actress, I realised what kind of a challenging role she had handled. And, she managed it with finesse. I am a beach-lover. I loved every scene that was shot at the shore.

5.  Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

When I am all tired at work, and when I want to laugh, I watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. And for Shah Rukh Khan! The songs are lovely, and I like some of the emotional scenes in the film. But mostly, I watch it over and over again for SRK.

I have three hard-disks that are full of movies. When I am not working, I am in my room, watching films, and that’s how I would learn about the craft that I worship. And, I am a big fan of horrors. But, the sad part is, that none of the horrors scare me really.