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New This Week: Pasanga 2 & Bhooloham

In response to a query about how he got such a brilliant performance out of a 3-year old in Anjali (1990), Mani Ratnam once said, ‘With kids it’s very simple. Either they’re very good. Or they’re not good. There’s no in between.’ Pandiraj’s Pasanga 2 also stars three child actors (Kavin, Nayan and Abhiman), who play characters with development related issues. In this case, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Pandiraj spent six months researching the condition, and says it will be a first for Tamil cinema to have a film like this. A big challenge was getting a major name behind the film, and Pandiraj was all praise for Suriya at the film’s audio launch, for backing the film with his production company, 2D Entertainment.

Suriya, in turn, says his acting had to be very different from previous films like  Singam 3 and 24. As a teacher who has to win over these kids, Suriya’s draws more on the comic characters played by Nagesh, Robbin Williams, and Jim Carrey. A sequel to the National Award winning Pasanga (2009), the film looks thematically similar to Taare Zameen Par (2007), though the film’s cast feels there can be no comparison. For its adult cast, Pasanga 2 stars Suriya, Amala Paul, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Ramadoss, and Vidya.


The film’s trailer takes us through the worlds of these children, as they experience it, and ultimately, how the adults perceive their behaviour. Initially baffled and upset, the adults gradually begin to understand and engaging with the richness of the children’s universe. Set in urban Chennai, the film follows the same themes of children’s issues and education as Pasanga (2009).


A sport movie, emotions run high, sweat glistens as the workout intensifies. Rage, competition, and the final knockout. Bhooloham wasn’t easy to shoot for lead actor Jayam Ravi. He had to put on 15 extra kilos for this boxing heavy film, and carry it for the year it took to shoot the film. Last year, Jayam Ravi decided to promote the film in an unconventional way. He brought actual boxers (in tight, athletic outfits no less) to the press meet. The actors talked about eating a kilo of chicken everyday, and working with Hollywood actor Nathan Jones (who once worked with Brad Pitt).

The trailer promises an adrenaline-rushed watching experience. Everything is excessive. His coach tells Jayam Ravi that he should be able to punch five times in a single second. Trisha gets tattoos of the hero every time he wins a medal. This in turn motivates Jayam Ravi, who does push ups with Trisha on his back.

Every great sport movie makes you think the sport is life itself. Bhooloham looks set to follow that trend, separating those who box for a living, from those who were born to box.