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New This Week : Pokkiri Raja, Pitchaikkaran, Sowkarpettai

Recently, I came across a video which had the presenter talking about the act of yawning and how it was contagious to a great extent. He kept yawning every few seconds and challenged the viewers to refrain from doing the same throughout the course of the video. The trailer of Pokkiri Raja starts in a similar way, with almost all the characters in the film yawning to their fullest capability. The film seems like a quirky mix of action, comedy and fantasy. The director’s previous film, Tamilukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum, was praised for its innovative story. By the looks of the trailer, Pokkiri Raja looks more colourful and commercial than the raw and gritty TEOA. There’s Jiiva, yawning, laughing, twitching and making faces. There’s Sibiraj, who seems to be wondering why one of his eyes is in blue. Plus, Avarum Rowdy Dhan. And Hansika is BUBBLY. (If you did not realise that already, there’s a song that tells you about it in-depth)



The most important thing the producers, actors, directors, and almost everyone associated with the movie had to say at the promo events was that this Pitchaikkaran (Beggar) would make everyone else rich. The trailer shows us the life of a millionaire who pretends to be a beggar. Intriguing indeed. Vijay Antony plays a beggar in the film. He is ALSO a millionaire.  The trailer makes sure we know this fact – the word Pitchaikkaran is uttered so many times.



Gone are the days when horror genre was just about horror. Now we have horror-thrillers, horror-comedies, and now, horror-comedy-sleaze. Going by the trailer, posters, stills and all other promotional content of Sowkarpettai, we can say that the film falls under the last category. We have Srikanth and Lakshmi Rai, wearing freakishly big bindis on their foreheads, and with eyes sans eyeballs. If this is not scary enough, we see Srikanth as a mantrik, complete with long locks and grimy teeth. Lakshmi Rai doesn’t stay behind. She looks as pale as a piece of chalk, and with scars all over her face. Also, there are VFX which could give Ex Machina a run for their money. We are not sure about the movie yet, but the stills of the film can definitely entertain you for a few minutes.