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I Collect Memories: Salony Luthra on Her Influences

Salony Luthra hails from a theatre background. A place where she was first exposed to actors who ‘took inspirations from life’.

The ‘concept’ didn’t really make sense to her back then. Especially when she heard them say, “You can emote pain only when you’ve experienced heartbreak.”


But Salony eventually did, and there has been no turning back since.

She takes inspiration from her life now. Every day, Salony collects ‘little memories of people and their reactions’.

Her influences:

1) People:

“Many people say actors inspire you, obviously their performances do motivate you to give your best but they are not people we have access to everyday. We see them on screen and we are moved, but we don’t know how they process everything. I take inspiration from people I see every day. When I am stuck at a traffic jam, I see how each person reacts to it, I also notice what they do when a beggar comes to their window. Sometimes, I observe people at the airport as well. I think real people are the best [sources of] inspiration.”

2) Teachers:

“I take a lot of inspiration from my guru MK Sharma. He taught me acting in Delhi. He has fought against all odds in his life. He has always stood by what he wanted. He is an unconventional teacher. Whenever I feel low, I call him up and he always gives me sound advice. He has always taught us to put our faith in ourselves and our ambitions. I also take inspiration from the teachers who’ve taught me. I’ve been blessed to learn from a few amazing teachers in Bombay. I’m human too and sometimes I get confused, but thanks to these teachers I’ve learnt to rely on my instincts.”

3) Grandparents:


“My grandparents live in Shimla, they’re 75 years old. They’ve gone through so much in life, but they still have the energy to live life to the fullest. I find that really inspiring.”

4) Nature and Travelling:

“Connecting with nature soothes my mind. I love travelling, not just as a tourist; but wherever I go, I observe people and also try to see how different their lives are from ours. People outside our own city or state lead different lives. They have their own culture, their own lifestyles, the ways they react to things are different, and they might have a completely unique take on life. When you get an insight into their lives, that’s one more enriching experience you’ve had.”