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Santhanam in the House: The Inimey Ippadithaan Press Meet Report

We were met with the usual sight on entering Prasad Lab for the Inimey Ippadithaan press meet. The hall was moderately lit, and we waited for the stars to arrive. A while later, a grey Innova with the Inimey Ippadithaan poster was spotted on the curb. It was actress Ashna Zaveri, in a shimmering green and violet salwar. She was quite at ease, posing for photographers and talking about her experience on the sets. “The shooting spot was very comfortable and we were able to give our best. The entire team of Inimey Ippadithaan helped with the dialogues and scenes. This film is a feel-good rom-com, and is enjoyable,” she said.


15 minutes later, cameraman Gopi Jagadeeshwaran, music director Santhosh Dayanidhi, director duo Murgan and Premanand, art director Mohan and actor VTV Ganesh arrived. Actor VTV Ganesh, who is famed for his …quirks on and off screen, did not disappoint us. When asked about his favorite dialogue from the movie, Ganesh responded with an enigmatic answer.

“Zoomaka Zooo,” he said.


Just when the show was about to begin, actor Santhanam made a stylish appearance.

And, everyone who spoke on stage soon after, thanked actor Santhanam and his production house Handmade Films for giving them the opportunity to enter the industry.

Music director Santhosh Dayanidhi, whose songs were peppy and refreshing, revealed that he liked Santhanam’s taste in music. But when actor VTV Ganesh ascended the stage and said a tremulous “hello”, the entire hall burst out laughing. “Enaku konjam starting trouble…,” he began. “Actor Santhanam doesn’t usually take up responsibilities, but when he does, he makes sure that he does it with perfection. It is so tough to release a movie in present conditions, and Santhanam has decided to distribute the movie all over the world.”

Talking about the movie, director Premanand – one half of the duo Muruganand – revealed that they have been working with Santhanam for 12 years. “One fine day, Santhanam called us and asked for one-liners. We happily obliged, but he wanted four different options even for a one-liner. During the shoot, we used to make improvisations to our script even at the last minute. Santhanam has worked as a co-director and co-writer in Inimey Ippadithaan.


Finally, it was Santhanam’s turn to address the gathering. “VTV Ganesh wanted me to talk about releasing the movie, but he spoke about it before me. Now, what do I talk about?”

He eventually found something, though: The efficiency of his cinematographer Gopi Jagadeeshwaran, and how he completed the movie within the allocated budget.

Highlights from the Q&A session:

1. Arya helped with Santhanam’s fitness and general appearance, STR improved his dressing sense while Udhayanidhi Stalin told him all he knew about distributing movies.

2. Dialogues in the movie are inspired by real-life incidents.

3. And… actor VTV Ganesh chose the dialogue “Zoomaka Zoo.”

We can’t help but wonder where he had used it before.