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The Shruti Haasan Q&A : Ten Things You Might Have Missed

Shruti Haasan finally confirmed her role in the upcoming Vijay 58 yesterday.


Not that we were surprised, for we have been in the know about this casting coup for well over two months. So in the furore that her revelation caused, hashtags like #superu and #tamilponnu began trending, and other things were ignored. The actress had just finished an impromptu Twitter interaction with fans, and she was talking about things like her favourite food, her single status and favourite flavour of ice cream. Of course we stayed up all night to give you this: The definitive list of every single thing Shruti Haasan said in her fan interaction yesterday.  Except one thing. You’re welcome, Shruti fans.

1. She has been to Madurai and she loves the food. Biriyani Babe.


2. She hates snakes. Because really, who doesn’t.

3.Shruti doesn’t have any favourites when it comes to picking movies. She likes anything, as long as its challenging.

4. As this selfie proves, Shruti Haasan is super friendly with the soup boy, Anirudh Ravichander. She thinks he’s super talented and revealed that she’s in love with the ‘Open the tasmac’ track from Maan Karate.

5. She had a nose job because she wanted to breathe better. Also, her old one was broken.

6. Shruti is not dating anyone at present. She does seem to have a ‘raging crush’ on Ryan Gosling though, which we totally understand, because this.

7. But that doesn’t mean she’s exclusive with Ryan Gosling. She also likes (the late) Jeff Buckley.

8.Like everybody else, Shruti Haasan thought PC looked fab in the new Mary Kom movie poster.

9. Her dream guy would be someone smart, kind, successful and funny. Make that super successful, because the girl loves Aston Martin and would love to visit the moon.

10. Despite her hectic schedule and stardom, Shruti is just your typical Indian girl living in Mumbai but brought up in Chennai. She caught a couple of the FIFA games, loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl and knows who Khal Drogo is.