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Stand-up Comedian Mervyn Rozz’s Take On Prominent Tamil Cinema Reviewers Is Accurate


A short clip from standup comedian Mervyn Rozz’s Tamil stand-up special for Evam Stand-up Tamasha is doing the rounds on social media now. Mervyn talks about how Tamil movie reviewers tend to over-embellish their critique of films and the promotional content around them.

He begins by talking of how all of the films in recent times have left him wondering about what the story is while his friends tell him he’d have to ‘decode’ it. He also takes a jibe at how films these days tend to have too much promotional content and have makers looking out for new and different ways to promote a film that might only survive a few days or so. He also joked about the “first-look” poster, a mere photo, that generates much talk and even analysis.

Rozz also took jibes at film reviewers, without naming anyone, but there were enough clues to figure out who he was talking about. From those who complicate, not-so-complex films with their analysis, to those who talk about films in a hopeless tone, complaining about template in films. He also spoke of how ‘this particular’ reviewer’s branding skills are completely awry and that the brand owner would lose all hope on the product if he got too see his advertising

He talks about how the interviews of heroines who don’t appear beyond three scenes in a film work, with a monotonous set of questions. From Vijay Anthony to Kajal Agarwal, from producer to reviewer, everyone is material for comedy.

Watch the video here:

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