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Stars React to Chennai Super Kings Loss


After Chennai Super Kings’ defeat at the playoffs yesterday, celebrities took to social media sites to vent their feelings. The results were a mixed bag – some hilarious, some intense and some downright bitter. A glimpse at the best star responses from yesterday :

R Sarath Kumar is quite twitter savvy. He frequently posts pictures of his daily activities (which include wearing cool shades) and even finds time to keep a tab on his eldest daughter, Varu Sarathkumar’s twitter posts. Yesterday though, the Supreme Star was a sad man. He began on a typically confident note:


Things became so bad at some point that the Action star lost all hope and wanted some reassurance


Sadly, Miracles just don’t happen. And even the Naatamai couldn’t change the final theerpu.



Premgi Amaren’s twitter feed is usually filled with posts from his adoring fans, but the comedy star took the time to console the CSK fans with an optimistic post.

Even Amitabh Bachchan joined in on the fun.

Director Venkat Prabu was in awe of the proceedings. Perhaps the match reminded him of some of his earlier works.

Still, he remained upbeat in the face of defeat

Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar was unusually silent on the day of the match, but some insistent fans brought her online. Like the guy who was desperate for her online presence.

  And the guy who was convinced that she had a direct line to God

The actress gave in to the demands of her fans and cheered and cheered….

  Alas, God failed to listen to her prayers and CSK went down fighting.

Varu still valiantly tried to remain happy, because after all, it’s just a game.


And because at the end of the day, everybody still louuuuuuuu’s CSK. Us included.