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Now There’s A Ram Gopal Varma Angle To The Sri Reddy Saga: A Timeline

Ever since Sri Reddy began talking about the casting couch, social media has been abuzz with updates, statements, and bizarre developments on what is regarded as a huge controversy for the Telugu film industry. Taking us back to last year when singer and RJ Suchitra Karthik shared numerous “leaks” of videos, photos, and scoops about the film industry, the case around Sri Reddy is gaining far more attention than what most would’ve predicted.


With big names from the industry getting involved and forms of protests taking over, here’s a quick timeline of the story so far:

Towards the end of March, actress Rakul Preet Singh had denied the existence of the casting couch in the Telugu film industry. Speaking at an event to condemn the abusive language about actresses on a TV channel, Rakul Preet had reportedly said that she had never been asked for sexual favours in Tollywood and that she feels very safe and never had to worry about it.

Two small-time actresses, Madhavi Latha and Sri Reddy slammed her comments. Madhavi also added that Rakul should speak the truth in order to create awareness among aspiring actresses.

Telugu Actress Sri Reddy Accuses Director Sekhar Kammula Of Sexual Misconduct; He Vows Legal Action

A few days into April, Sri Reddy takes to Facebook to talk about how several filmmakers ask for sexual favours from struggling artistes. She named filmmaker Shekhar Kammula’s as assuring her work but not honoring it. He, in response, slammed her allegations, adding that he has never met her. He further said that if the posts were not removed, he will seek legal action against her.

Her social media posts about the casting couch continued. While she gathered a lot of supporters online, there was an equal number of users trolling her too. She names a few people, including Abhiram, the son of producer Suresh Babu (Rana Daggubati’s brother). She also obliquely referred to Koratala Siva and Kona Venkat.

Sri Reddy Strips In Public To Protest Against Casting Couch In The Film Industry

On April 7, a few days after initiating the topic, Sri Reddy went topless, as protest against sexual harassment and the prevalence of casting couch in Tollywood, in public at the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce office in Hyderabad. She also said that she has sent several nude photographs and videos, on request, to the producers and directors asking for a chance to act in films. “They see the videos and give no roles. They have even asked for live nude videos from me. That is the extent to which they go to take advantage of women who seek roles,” she said.

Sri Reddy Says She’s Been Asked To Vacate Her House In Hyderabad


A few days after her protest, Sri Reddy puts up a post about being asked to vacate her apartment by the landlord. Things didn’t improve after, especially when she was denied a membership to the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA) despite having acted in three films, and the association had further tried preventing any actors from working with her.

Sri Reddy Finds Support Among Women’s Rights Activists

Amidst all this, Sri Reddy finds support among several women activists in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, Madhavi Latha promises to go on a satyagraha for the industry to take cognizance of the casting couch.

Meanwhile, rumours swirl that a truce had been negotiated between Abhiram and her, brokered by a popular director. More women join in alleging that the casting couch exists, with them speaking at a press conference about the ordeals they had faced.

Soon enough, actor-politician Pawan Kalyan was asked at a press conference to comment on the whole controversy around Sri Reddy. He had said that she should go to police, instead of talking to TV channels and sensationalising the issue. He also said he regularly takes the law into his hands when women on his sets are harassed. The press conference was attended by Sri Reddy along with other women junior artistes from the industry and were not happy with his “advice”.

Unamused by his response, Sri Reddy goes on a roll abusing Pawan Kalyan on live TV, with videos of her calling him madharch*dh doing the rounds.


A horde of Pawan Kalyan fans relentlessly troll and abuse her on social media, issuing rape and death threats. “If he can’t stop them, I will take legal action against him, and not his fans. His fans have been abusing me on Facebook and Twitter and his silence is encouraging them,” she said.

Meanwhile, the latest development shows activist Sandhya, during a chat with a local TV channel, speak at length about how veteran Telugu actor Rajashekar and his wife Jeevitha were in the habit of exploiting young women. “Jeevitha Rajashekar used to bring girls to satisfy the sexual pleasures of her husband, Rajasekhar. She used to blackmail the working women who live in Ameerpet area emotionally,” she was quoted saying.

Responding to that, Jeevitha held a press conference on April 18 in which she refuted the allegations and also released a video of Sri Reddy. Her claim was that video is in contrast to everything Sri Reddy has been championing against. In a video, Sri Reddy can be seen saying she is in a ‘sexy mood 24*7’.

And perhaps the biggest twist in the story is the Ram Gopal Varma angle to it. The filmmaker has claimed responsibility over Sri Reddy abusing and saying things against Pawan Kalyan. He even admits to directing the actress towards accepting a Rs 5 crore compromise by Suresh Babu in order to keep things at bay with respect to the controversy involving his son, Abhiram.



(This is a developing story)

Feature Image: The Indian Express