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The Red Spandex Superhero ‘Deadpool’ Gears Up For His Second Coming

Deadpool 2 is about to hit theatres, and while reviews overall are fairly positive, the makers behind this superhero movie are highly satisfied with their promotions and spreading it across the Marvel fans. Though the era-defining action hero crossover event, Avengers: Infinity War left the fans stunned with the arrival of Thanos, the mightiest villain on the planet, Deadpool is coming to banish the sadness from the Marvel’s cinematic world.

After the announcement of the movie the makers behind the film along with its actor Ryan Reynolds starts to update on this quirky guy in the red suit. Everyone was thrilled with the reception that received for the first edition of Deadpool and was anticipated for his second coming and like a shell bomb they have released the first trailer.

The trailer mocks DC’s beloved character Superman by using his music and the trademark phonebooth transformation that Superman undergoes to change from Clark Kent. Stan Lee, who shows up in every of Marvel cinematic universe’s film appears in the trailer too and in fact, Deadpool calls out his name also.

This started a war in campaigning for the film with posters, actions figures and celebrity videos which began to come out over the period of one year, proving that this belligerent superhero is dear to many.

Ryan Reynolds who delivered a masterful performance as Deadpool in the first part dedicated his whole time for the creation of this Marvel character to the screen. He appeared in a video where Deadpool looks like the American TV host and painter Bob Ross gives out art lessons to the public but this time it’s dirty.

The teaser has shown the face of the villain character of the film Nathan Summers aka Cable.  Josh Brolin’s rendition of Thanos in Infinity War has broken so many hearts as he snapped away half of the universe and some of the favourite characters. Incidentally, he appears as the villain Cable in this film too. Watch the trailer which introduces the character of Cable.

In the middle of this, came a campaign video where DP dressed up in all pink, supports Cancer Awareness and delivers a heartful message.

Afterwards, 20th Century Fox introduced the team X-Force which a super-duper team of superheroes put together by Deadpool to fight against Thanos and his allies.

In the meantime, the spandex guy ran out to try his ‘leg’ in Football to spread his mightiness across Britain and he chose Manchester United and David Beckham for that. Deadpool who makes a comment about Beckham in his movie apologizes for his actions and tries to come in and chill at David’s couch like an old buddy. Well, he’s kind of our superhero buddy now.

In Manchester he takes over the Old Trafford as a gift for the United’s fans and the players themselves. Clearly, that was a ‘What in the Pogba’ moment!

Apart from these, the team has spent a lot of time and money to put him into our heads by his quirkiness, trash talks, fourth wall breaks and sassy dance moves. We know he’s a dude and stands for nothing but total entertainment, but as a villain, he fights bad guys and everyone appreciates it. Now as he stars his journey from tomorrow on, someone should remind Thanos to “hit the pump brakes”.