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This Week in Tamil Cinema: May 21, 2015

Let us tell you this…our week has been pretty good so far. Without further ado, a look at the best stories from last week. Plus (our always) awesome photos.

Meticulous Monday: We like to plan ahead for things. And in keeping with that, we decided to collect all relevant information on this spy flick. Also, Sadha is back.

Deep Thoughts Tuesday: Kuttram Kadithal director Bramma was his usual forthright self for our special interview in which he spoke about, among other things, his embarrassment at getting a National Award.

Wow! Wednesday: Kayal fame Chandran waxed eloquent about Mani Ratnam films and Kamal Haasan films. He also told us an interesting tid bit.

Awesome Photos Thursday: Kamal Haasan did what he does the best – he commanded everybody’s attention at this promo event. Though, we must admit, Gauthami was no slacker in that department as well!


Retro Saturday: This Vadivelu film called Eli was released. And we drew lots to pick who got to watch it (because, hello! Period flick!). The results are chronicled here.

A Very Senti Sunday: Our writers took an emotional trip down memory lane on Father’s Day, and watched the best of the daddy-friendly classics.