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A Time-line of TR Punches


Recently, T Rajendar gave a speech at the audio launch of Aadama Jaichomada. While we live-tweeted and made notes of all his punch-lines, we were also wiping the tears that rolled down our cheeks. We were laughing that hard.

Our time-line of his one-liners:

We were all set to hear him speak. But he was playing cricket outside.

He is grateful to the audience. Always. That’s like his irai vaazhthu.


And to God (…)


TR began his speech with a vote of thanks. The flow doesn’t matter. Not when it is TR.

He is a post-graduate. And apparently, is pursuing a Ph.D too. Dr. TR it is.

#Humble-brag alert:

He also parted with some advice. Sage advice.

This time around, just #brag alert:

He is also a great dad.

When a compliment just wouldn’t suffice:

Match-fixing summed up in five words:

Finally, he had an announcement to make:

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