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Top Stories Of The Week: Aval Team Trades Stories; Reality Behind Mersal’s Box Office Numbers & More

The week was progressing charmingly until heavy rains in Chennai derailed most plans. It was an eventful week what with Halloween, Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and the release of Aval. Of course, allegations of sexual misconduct kept mounting against Kevin Spacey making even Frank Underwood look angelic in comparison. Kamal Haasan started a whole new fire with his comments on Hindu terrorism.


Here’s a quick recap of the top stories of the week:

‘After a record breaking opening, Mersal is to soon join the Rs 200-crore club’. ‘Vivegam has broken the box office record of Bahubali 2’. But, ever wondered who comes up with these statements? If there any official statement from the producers about the box office collection of a movie?

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In the 1980s, Hollywood witnessed a growth in a genre of films that is somewhere between horror and science fiction, films that went on to become cult hits. Bearing this in mind, Stranger Things season two pretty much continues with their tribute to the 80s. The show releasing days before the Halloween weekend couldn’t be more timely, with everything in store for the festival enthusiasts.

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Movies, television shows need not be all about escapism. In pop culture, three television shows come to mind for their visceral and honest portrayal of sexual violence, and the stages that the victims go through. These shows explore the stark brutality of sexual violence, the psychology of the perpetrators and the impact it has on the victims. Labeling these shows under women-oriented content limits their scope – they are as much for the perpetrators as they are for the victims.

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The story of Rani Padmini has inspired many adaptions – on-screen and off-screen. In 1540 CE, Malik Muhammad Jayasi wrote a fictionalised version of the historical events in Awadhi epic poem Padmavat. While depicting historical periods filmmakers often take creative liberties to make the cinematic experience more engaging

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In his latest movie Meyaadha Maan, Vaibhav Reddy’s character is called Idhayam Murali, named after a character so shy that he can’t bring himself to reveal his love to the girl he’s smitten by. In real life, Vaibhav says he’s not very different.

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Fifty-one years ago a star was born on November 2. Shah Rukh Khan, an industry outsider with a theatre and television background, made his cinema debut in Deewana (1992) and there’s been no looking back since then. Over his 25-year career, the actor has played Vijays, Arjuns, Ajays and Aruns in several films. The two names that he has played over and over again are perhaps Rahul and Raj.

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Team Aval shared their excitement over the release of the movie. Director Milind Rau tells Silverscreen that even the wind in his horror film, Aval, has character. Actress Andrea Jeremiah is known for her love for singing. And, fear of all things horror. Despite that, she’s been part of two films in the genre, including Rau’s Aval. Working in a horror film is very different from seeing one, she insists.

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