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Twitter Takes Us To Mars

Mars Orbiter Mangalyaan reached its intended destination yesterday. And as always, the Twitterati rose to the occasion – forgetting their little gripes, their work troubles and even that cleavage row – and rolling out the red carpet for ISRO and its brilliant scientists.

First and foremost, a tweet from MOM. Like every self-respecting Indian, it has a Twitter account as well.

Our celebrities were quick to respond: And according to Chinmayi, almost everyone and their thathas were very happy that we got to Mars.

Even Brahma, apparently. How do we know? Because God said so.

Obviously, there was a lot of pride on display.

This was a good excuse to celebrate too, we thought. So did these people.

While all of this was happening, the Mars Orbiter and the Curiosity Rover had a great chat. Which was retweeted thousands of times.

This was also around the time when we found out that MoM is just like the typical Indian mom. It managed to squeeze in some ‘me time’ despite having an impressive list of things to do…you know, like all our moms.

MoM sent us a postcard from space

Fit in a practice session

And also found the time to support a fellow voyager in space

Congratulations poured in.


Of course, much was made of the fact that MoM was sent to Mars on a budget lesser than that of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. Yes, really.


And, this also gave Madhan Karky a chance to showcase his psychic lyrical abilities. The man has a song for everything.

There were jokes; there was snark; and there was pride. Lots of it.

Vir Das reminded us that Mars needs MoMs too.

And perhaps, that’s why we got there on the first try. Boo hoo Maven!


But trust CS Amudhan to have the last word on this, as he pointed out the magnitude of MoM’s achievement.