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Varsha Bollamma Interview: I’m a Kannadiga from Bangalore, Manne Number 13 will be for My Hometown Audience

Actor Varsha Bollamma has two films- Telugu film Middle Class Melodies and Kannada film Manne Number 13– lined up for direct release on Amazon Prime Video this month. Bollamma, who has predominantly worked in Tamil films, says her first Kannada film is “an exciting thing”.


“It’s a Kannada movie and I am a Kannadiga, from Bangalore. So, everybody back home can enjoy it. And people keep asking me ‘We want to see you speak the language, we want to see you acting in Kannada cinema’. So, that will be for my hometown audience, it’s exciting,” she says.

About the two films releasing within a month on OTT, Bollamma says: “Our main aim was for people to see what we have made, for our content to reach a lot of people and that’s happening. A lot of times, I have seen people not going out of their homes because there are lots of problems- they have pets at home or they have kids, and all these people who have stopped going out to watch movies, everybody can watch movies now, everyone. So, it’s a good thing.”

In Telugu film Middle Class Melodies, Bollamma plays the role of Sandhya.

“Sandhya is this girl who is in love. So, they say if you are in love you cannot be scared of the world, right? But Sandhya is extremely scared,” she says.

“She is this person who always thinks about her family, her father, so she is not able to express her feelings and she bottles all of it up. It’s a very sweet role that has been written very well. The dialogues are less but the way she expresses is really sweet.”

Filming for Middle Class Melodies brought back fond memories from school, says Bollamma. “I think we had a scene where I am filling up a slambook, it was fun because our whole school life was about filling up slam books.”

Bollamma has recently wrapped up shooting for a Tamil film. She will soon begin shooting for a Telugu and Tamil film, both of which she has recently signed.

Manne Number 13 and Middle Class Melodies will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video from November 19 and November 26 respectively.