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Varun Rajendran On Sarkar Row: “It’s Not A Compromise. It’s Me Getting Due Credit”

Sarkar Movie Stills Starring Vijay

Varun Rajendran has dismissed rumours that he sought compensation from AR Murugadoss in the plagiarism case against Sarkar.


Speaking to Sikverscreen, he said, “I wanted to be credited for my story. I wrote this and Sengol is the reflection of my years of hard work. I wanted that to mean something. It cannot be bought off with money. I wanted to be recognised for my work. The rumours that I sought remuneration are false.”

He also said that he never sought a ban on Sarkar.

He said that the backing of Bhagyaraj, President of South Indian Writers Association, was crucial in his path to justice. “Initially when it was apparent to me that Sengol and Sarkar were the same, I thought that my battle would be too insignificant. I decided to approach writers union in the hopes that they would provide solace. And they did. I am very glad that they backed my case.”

Rajendran’s battle was a difficult one. He faced the collective might of Vijay, Sun Pictures’ Kalanidhi Maran and AR Murugadoss. Besides this, he also drew the ire of many ardent Vijay fans on social media. “I made a consistent effort to not talk about anything till the case was satisfied with the terms of the compromise. Actually, I wouldn’t call it so. It’s not a compromise. It’s me getting my due credit.”

Varun says that he has signed a letter in which the terms of the arrangement have been laid out. His name will appear in the title credits of Sarkar, arguably the biggest Tamil film releasing this Deepavali, and the young writer hopes that this will give him the boost. “Sengol is lost to me now. My Sengol is now the Sarkar for Vijay fans. I want them to enjoy the film. This is for all of you.”

Bhagyaraj, who was also present at the scheduled court hearing of the case at Madras HC today, said that this was a landmark case. Since it proves that ultimately justice will prevail. “I have to thank all parties concerned. They did their very best to sort out this issue amicably. Vijay was especially sensible. He is a big star and could have asked me to make the issue disappear. I also have a son in the industry and things can become difficult for him if I face off with big industry figures. But I got to do everything in a bipartisan manner.”

AR Murugadoss claimed that Bhagyaraj did not even read the script of Sarkar when he made the decision that it was similar to Rajendran’s Sengol. He also alleged that Bhagyaraj himself had copied a movie in the eighties. That Murugadoss went on the offensive against him is not an issue to Bhagyaraj. “He has a lot of respect for me. This I know. There are so many people telling us what to do in complex situations that sometimes we lash out. This is a difficult time for Murugadoss. Even when he spoke ill about me, he did not seem irate. He did not betray any sign of hatred. It’s just that kind of bad time for him. Let him be.”


Bhagyaraj added that Varun Rajendran’s fight for due recognition is an example for the industry, where plagiarism is a menace. “The writers union is here and we will help young writers and old writers with all variety of issues. We are here. We will protect you. We are here for you.”

Bhagyaraj also said that he would make sure that he behaves in a way that befits his post at all times. “You have to understand that there’s a lot at stake for me here. My wife has begun acting in television series. My son is a Vijay fan. I have a good relationship with SA Chandrasekhar (Vijay’s father) and his family. None of these will remain as it was before. Everything has changed. But I wanted to do right by Varun Rajendran since he was honest about his troubles. And that’s just what I did.”