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Weekend Watch: ‘Vikram Vedha’, ‘Meesaya Murukku’, ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’, ‘Fidaa’

The weekend is almost here, and so are some of the films you have been waiting for all these months. Right from Pushkar-Gayathri’s take on the Vikram and Vetaal adventures and HipHop Thamizha Aadhi’s biography on screen to the liberation of women and their sexuality in Alankrita Shrivastava’s film – here’s a look at all the Friday releases and what you have to look forward to:

Vikram Vedha

 Vijay Sethupathi is a gangster, Madhavan a cop, and their story is deeply inspired by the mythological Vikramadityan Vedhalam stories. A Neo-noir action crime thriller from the duo who gave us unconventional films such as Oram Po and Va Quarter Cutting, this film promises to leave the audience with the same feel as Catch Me If You Can in the early 2000s.

Vijay Sethupathi has also asserted that if anything, the film is more about emotions than crime. “Though the trailer is violent, this is actually a sweet, emotional film,” he told us. “Considering he is a senior actor, I was thinking about how to get along with Madhavan. When the light comes, the darkness goes away -like that, Madhavan lightened my dark thoughts. We instantly created a good rapport,” he added.


Other actors in the film include Shraddha Srinath, who plays a lawyer called Priya and Madhavan’s love interest. However, she asserts that she’s more than just his pair in the film.

“I don’t just play Madhavan’s love-interest; my role is substantial. There’s strength in my character. I had many scenes with Madhavan. He is someone who is sure of his talent. He elevated other performers as well with his guidance,” she told us.

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Kathir, Prem and Rajkumar are star in this film, which has music by Sam CS and has been bankrolled by Y Not Studios.

Meesaya Murukku

Hip Hop Tamizha’s Aadhi makes his acting debut with Meesaya Murukku. The film sees the 25-year-old musician turn director, too!  He made the announcement of his acting and directorial venture last year, thanking Sundar C for agreeing to produce the film. “I pitched the story to him and he immediately agreed to produce it. Since it’s the story of my life, I decided to direct it myself. I felt I would do justice to my story more than anyone else,” he said last year.

Sundar C, too, is glad that he got to produce Aadhi’s film. “One day, Aadhi narrated this story to me. It was about him and how he came up in life. I liked it and told him I would produce it myself. Of course, he has added some masala elements to make it commercial,” he said at the film’s press meet.

Other actors include Aathmika and Vivekh, who plays Aadhi’s father. 


Produced by Dil Raju, and written and directed by Shekhar Kammula, Fidaa is billed as a feel-good romantic film. The film details the story of an NRI doctor in the US, a woman in Telangana, and their relationship. Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi play the leads, and music is by Shakthi Kanth.

Shekhar Kammula is known for films such as AnandGodavariHappy DaysLeader, and the Nayanthara-starrer Anaamika. It is reported that the film was mostly shot in real locations to lend an authentic feel of the villages in Andhra. 

The film marks Sai Pallavi’s debut in Telugu cinema.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

After much tussle and sparring with the Censor Board and having a great run at various film festivals, Alankrita Shrivastava’s film Lipstick Under My Burkha finally hits theatres in India. 

The film’s ordeal started in February this year when the CBFC refused to give a censor certificate, citing reasons such as “women’s fantasies” and abusive language. Lipstick… was billed a feminist film with strong female voices, and CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani made the makers go around in circles for certification, because it was too “lady-oriented” for him.


Lipstick Under My Burkha is about the secret life of four women from lower middle class households. The director explores the turmoil within the women, as well as the restrictions imposed upon them by society.

In an interview with Silverscreen, the director explained why the film does not appeal to the male gaze. 

“Whatever women in our films and in real life are made to do is what men like to see them do. We have been watching cinema through the eyes of men for a long time, and even women are used to it. The feminist point of view is scarcely represented in our culture. Are women really happy being confined to the roles men have assigned them? Of course not. Women are normal human beings with all the ambitions and passions others have. You cannot deny it.”

The four leads are played by Konkona Sen Sharma, Ratna Pathak Shah, Plabita Borthakur and Aahana Kumra.