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What Would Happen If Sheldon Cooper Met Salman Khan? Quora Has The Answer

The row over Padmavati has sort of become nocomprendo. Blurred lines between mythology and facts, history and entertainment has taken an ugly form that questions the very fabric of our democracy. But let’s not go down that rabbit hole. Filled with questions and no answers, we turn to Quora – the one-stop platform for whatever is piquing your mind. It is a maze full of bizarre, outrageous, sometimes banal and often sexist questions with answers that range from laugh out funny to being extremely offensive.


Queries on Padmavati were inevitable but in the recess of this platform, we stumbled upon a few questions that elicit a few laughs. After all, the internet is a strange, strange place.

Here are some of our favourite questions on Bollywood asked sincerely by fans of the industry.

A fan wanted to know what would happen when The Big Bang Theory‘s protagonist Sheldon Cooper met Bollywood’s bhaijaan Salman Khan. How such a scenario would play out – one who chooses to define gravity, and the other who chooses to defy it. May be Sheldon can finally solve the question of who killed the blackbuck?

A fan displayed genuine interest in getting the entire behind-the-scenes feature. This guy probably felt a little underwhelmed while watching Aksar 2, Jism 2, Murder series and was curious about the real deal. He probably should be informed that the intimate scenes are as real as this:


Questions about actresses predictably are sexist in nature. The penchant for scandal, gossip to feed the voyeur inside is very apparent when it comes to details about actresses. Almost always, imagination runs wild. The speculations are just like the forwards from the quintessential WhatsApp uncle – pointless and not funny.

The Kapoors, are you listening? This question is definitely rant-worthy. Do Punjabis only know how to fall in love? What about the other communities? Can Bollywood look beyond the Kapoors and Malhotras? On second thought, may be that’s not such a good idea. Remember what a disaster Two States was? A film full of stereotypes and cliches. In all fairness, the book was written by Chetan Bhagat and Bollywood only can’t be blamed. Masaan, Sairat or Mr and Mrs Iyer show love can blossom in other communities.

This question should ideally be posed at the Rajput Karni Senas. They seem to have a lot to say on the matter.

And finally, when the most important question was asked.

Do we really know why the chicken crossed the road? Have we figured out what came first – the chicken or the egg?