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With The Change In The Names Of Places In Tamil Nadu, These Songs Will Most Likely Not Be The Same

While the entire world, and especially Tamil Nadu, is evidently reeling under the coronavirus pandemic, the Tamil Nadu Government has decided to take some very important ‘timely’ decisions. Of course, what could be more imperative at this point in out life than the altering of names and spellings of places, states, and districts in Tamil Nadu to make them sound more vernacular.


Nevertheless, we’ve come up with a short list of songs that may either match perfectly or not at all anymore because of these hideous spellings. Take a look.

Mylapore Pakkam Mayila Kandene

I know the internet has probably made this joke already but that doesn’t stop me from saying it again, Mylapore’s transition to Mayilaappoor is definitely poor. But this Ilaiyaraaja ode from Mahesh to Ilavarasi makes so much more sense now.

Poontha Malliyile

There’s Poonamallee, Poontha Malli and then there’s Poovirunthavalli, the name now. Thenga Srinivasan, there’s much more to complain about now, than a lady’s saree.

Naan Saltu Kottai

Another song that perfectly matches the new Saithaappettai altered from the apparently anglicised Saidapet. Do we need to say more when its Prabhu Deva and Raju Sundaram on the dance floor?

Coimbatore Maapilai

With Coimbatore rechristened as Koyampuththoor, I’m not too sure if Vijay would still be singing a song for his beloved like this. The energy in the song though is evergreen.

Thenmadurai Vaigai Nadhi

The perfect example of a change that nobody asked for is Madurai turning into Mathurai. South Madurai’s Vaigai River of this Rajinikanth song does what care for all the fuss though.

Let’s just hope this untoward change isn’t extended at a national level. Think of all the changes! And to make matter worse they’re now clamouring to rechristen India as Bharat right.

With inputs from Karthikeyan Asokan