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‘2.0’ Is Shankar’s Shortest Film With A 2.5 Hour Run Time

Rajinikanth, Shankar, Akshay Kumar At The 2.0 Trailer Launch

As 2.0’s release draws nearer, it’s been creating a buzz for already breaking many records. One of the lesser known ones, brushed aside as a trivia, is that 2.0 is director Shankar’s shortest film with a run time of 2 hours and 28 minutes. This beats the previous record of the 3-hour long Rajini-starrer Enthiran which released in 2010.


Known for making socially committed movies, mounted on an extravagant scale, but catering to everyone, Shankar has never been the one to cut down on running time. Four out his last five movies – I (2015), Nanban (2012), Sivaji (2007) and Anniyan (2005), clocked above the 3-hour run time. 2.0 will serve as a break in this pattern.

Another unusual thing about 2.0 is that its best track might be about the antagonist Akshay Kumar, and not Rajinikanth. Reports say A.R. Rahman has made this conscious choice, and has composed the song ‘Pullinangal’ as an ode to Akshay Kumar’s birdman character. This is interesting considering that it’s the hero who is usually introduced in the movie with a solo track.

Made on an estimated budget of Rs.575 crores, 2.0 is the costliest movie in India so far. Reports say it has already collected Rs.120 crores through advance booking – a week before its release. The movie is set to open in 6600 to 6800 screens across the country, breaking Bahubali’s record, and making it the biggest release in India.


Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, which distributed Baahubali in the past, will be releasing the Hindi version of 2.0. In an interview recently, Karan Johar said he was sure that the Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar duo will guarantee a strong opening; but even though he was yet to see the film, it would be the message in 2.0 that will connect most with the audience.

Produced by Lyca Productions, 2.0 is scheduled to release on November 29.

Watch the trailer of 2.0 here: