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4Sorry: Anthologies Facilitate the Casting of Multiple Renowned Actors in One Project, Says Director of Upcoming Tamil Anthology

The first look poster of 4Sorry, the upcoming Tamil anthology, written and directed by filmmaker Sakthivel, was released by actor Vijay Sethupathi on Friday.


Speaking to Silverscreen India about the project, Sakthivel, who made his directorial debut with the 2009 Tamil action film Kandhakottai, said, “There are four segments which will be of different genres and the running theme, as the title suggests, is apology. Each segment will be based on moments when we realise that we need to apologise for the mistakes that we have committed in the past.”

Sakthivel, who has also written the screenplay, added that the segments run for 30 minutes each and fall under the genres of comedy, feel-good, romance, and fantasy-horror.

4Sorry features actors Daniel Annie Pope and Manohar (in the comedy segment), Riythvika, Kaali Venkat, and Muthukumar (feel-good), Sakshi Agarwal and Karthick Ashokan (romance), and John Vijay and Sahana Sheddy (fantasy-horror).

Sakthivel found it easy to put together such a cast. “The anthology format allows us to carve out multiple unique characters, so it is easy to cast multiple renowned actors in one project since they are each offered one-off roles.”

The filmmaker added that another advantage of an anthology is the ability to tell stories that may not work in a feature-length film. “Some stories can only be told in an engaging way in a short format. Many films fail despite having a good story knot because their over-stretched screenplay brings them down. In addition, since anthologies seem to be quite popular lately, I thought of trying my hand at the format as well.”

4Sorry went on floors in January and was wrapped in March. The anthology was filmed entirely in Chennai by cinematographer Venkatesh Prasad.


Prasanna Sivaraman has composed the music for all the segments and the film is currently in the post-production stage.

The anthology is produced by the filmmaker along with Senthil Prabu, Jegan Narayanan, and Karthick Ashokan.

Talking about the release, the director said that the team is open to both OTT platforms and theatres. “At present, the situation is such that we need to keep our options open. We cannot hold the film for theatres. We have been getting offers and will make an announcement soon,” he added.

After 4Sorry, Sakthivel is set to join hands with actor Yogi Babu for a feature film, again produced by the filmmaker himself. “A dog will play an important character in the story. It will be a fantasy thriller and by November, we will start shooting,” the director revealed.