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5 Weddings Trailer: Nargis Fakhri, Rajkummar Rao Dissect The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Namrata Singh Gujral’s 5 Weddings trailer kicks off with a serious conversation between a journalist and her editor. “If you write an Indian-themed story, you may become the editor-in-chief of Sterling online,” says the editor of a posh American magazine. When Nargis Fakhri’s boss assigns her to do a story on weddings in India, Fakhri replies that she can’t think of two things she hates more. “But you’re from India,” her boss says.


With no further comments, the Indian-American journalist returns to India to do a story on Indian weddings, where she meets a police officer (Rajkummar Rao), who despite his suspicion about the American journalist, escorts her to weddings. During this journey, they hit it off and Nargis develops feelings for the cop, which later on takes unexpected twists and turns.

Weddings in India are all about fun and frolic and that is just what you remember after watching this two-minute trailer. The film touches upon all the aspects of a traditional Punjabi wedding, without forgetting to give it a modern-day twist. The film also stars Bo Derek and Candy Clark in supporting roles.

5 Weddings will hit theatres on September 21.