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90ML Could Come As A Culture Shock To Many: Oviya

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Oviya, whose adult comedy 90ML is nearing release has responded to criticisms by saying that the movie could come as a culture shock for people and male chauvinists ought to stay away from it.


90ML is about a gang of four girls and the trailer contained multiple scenes that show them drinking together. According to the director, 90ML is a “bold yet entertaining film.” But Oviya, whose stint at the popular reality show Big Boss Tamil won her a large fanbase among the viewers, was trolled for starring in the movie. The actress later came out with a tweet asking people not to judge the movie by its trailer.

She has now responded to the criticisms saying “Of course, this is a culture shock for some people, as women are seen smoking and drinking in the trailer. But, the entire movie is not like this. It has all the elements of a movie, and what was seen in the trailer is just a part of the film. It is just a movie, and if you don’t have confidence in your culture, or if you are a male chauvinist, please don’t watch 90ML,” the actress was quoted by India Today.


The actress also said that people should be able to differentiate the character and the actor. “If you really want to see me as a role model, why don’t you follow my real life personality?” she said. “Why do people have a movie star as their role model? My parents are my role model,” she also added.

She vouched for her personal life saying “I am a socially responsible person. I don’t drink and drive. I don’t smoke around in public places. I pay my taxes. Why don’t you take up that Oviya as a role model? The Oviya you see in 90 ML is an actor. She does what the director asks her to do. That’s all.”

90ML has music by STR ad the movie is set for release soon.

Watch the trailer of the movie: