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Chinmayi’s Exposé Of Radha Ravi And The Functioning Of Dubbing Union: A Timeline


After becoming the de facto face of the #MeToo movement in the South, and her subsequent ouster from the dubbing union, Chinmayi Sripaada has been engaged in a tussle with the union and its president Radha Ravi. Infamous for his insensitive remarks, the actor had terminated Chinmayi (already a lifetime member) from the union, citing ‘non-payment of subscription fees’.

The singer initially put out a video where she spoke her side of the story. She was terminated without being intimated, and that too for not paying a sum of Rs 250 when the organisation’s earnings from her run into lakhs. She also spoke about the union charging 10 percent of remuneration from dubbing artistes, and its refusal to provide an invoice for the same.

In another tweet, the singer pointed out that she was singled out and terminated from the organisation for non-payment of subscription fee, though there were 95 other artistes who had subscription fee dues.

Later, she put out a photo of the termination letter issued by the dubbing union.

She went on to explain the ramifications of this order; the managers having been asked by the union not to entail the services of non-members. In case a non-member was found to have worked on a movie, the directors of these movies will be asked to issue an apology letter, or the release of the movie is threatened by the union.

While Radha Ravi was busy questioning the veracity of claims made by women during the #MeToo movement, Chinmayi unearthed a scam that exposed the dubbing union president as having anointed himself with the ‘Datuk’ title of Malaysia. It’s a prestigious award conferred by the Malaysian ruler, and its recipients include the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Jackie Chan.

“The issue came up during a meeting I had with the other dubbing union members to understand the bylaws. That Mr Radha Ravi was awarded the title of ‘Datuk’ had always been under doubt. It was Mr Dasarathy who mentioned this,” Chinmayi said.

“Radha Ravi claims to have received the award at a function organised at a private hotel here. This is not the usual practice with the awards as it is conferred in Malaysia itself,” she said. She then contacted a Malaysian official and confirmed that Radha Ravi was bestowed with no such honour.

She also posted the link to a portal which has details of those who have won the award. Radha Ravi’s credentials turned up no results.

When asked if the exposé would urge people to rethink the dubbing union and its dictatorial reign, and bring to people’s attention the plight of the dubbing union artistes, she said, “I honestly don’t know if there’s going to be a change in perspective. It’s for others to decide. I am simply doing what I have to do.”

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