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‘Aadai’ First Look: An Anguished Amala Paul Takes The Spotlight


A wounded Amala Paul screaming in anguish/rage and holding on to a pipe. This is the first look for Aadai, her film with Meyaadha Maan director Rathna Kumar. From the used up roll of toilet paper near her, it looks like the actor has covered herself in it. She looks up at a person standing off camera – probably someone responsible for the predicament she finds herself in.

The pipe and the toilet paper roll were present in a poster announcing the release of this first look, as well.

In the first look, released by director Venkat Prabhu, Amala’s shadow is seen and the title, Aadai, is accompanied by the words – Audacious, Arrogant, Artistic. The English version was launched by Telugu actor Rana Daggubati.

Pradeep Kumar and his Oorka band will compose the music for the movie.

Speaking to Silverscreen, director Rathna Kumar said that the film was a dark comedy. “It has twists and turns that will keep the audience enthralled. The relevance of the title will be explained in the coming weeks. The film deals with the boundaries we set for ourselves, and what happens when they are crossed.”

A press release that followed said that while previous generations were pampered and spoilt by the culture of complementary services and products, free data spoils this generation. “Aadai will depict these realities… The role that Amala Paul is essaying demands a lot of physical and mental strength … this role will be a game-changer in her career.”

Amala said: “Aadai isn’t a regular script…the intricacies of my character ‘Kaamini’ are already giving me jitters.”

The first look creates the impression that the movie could well be a cautionary tale. “But, it is a cautionary tale we all need. Society has evolved to the point where such discussions do need to take place. Otherwise, this very important question will always go unanswered. We need a debate,” he added.

The shoot of Aadai is currently in progress.

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