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Aamir Khan Wants Consistent Punishment For Molesters; Farhan Akhtar, Esha Gupta & Farhan Azmi Wage Twitter War

Aamir Khan called for strict law and order and fast judicial action against molesters who assaulted women in Bengaluru during new year’s eve celebrations. The Dangal actor said, “The Bengaluru incident is saddening. We are hurt and ashamed that such a thing happened in our nation. We and every state government have to take the right steps and this should be a continuous process. There is no single solution to this problem.”



Meanwhile, a war of words broke out on Twitter between actors Farhan Akhtar and Esha Gupta  on one side and Farhan Azmi, son of MLA Abu Azmi, on the other, after Akhtar called Abu Azmi a “moron” for blaming women instead of the molesters while Esha Gupta said that the only woman who should be blamed was the one who gave birth to Abu Azmi.

The actors were taking issue with Abu Azmi’s remarks where he said the molestation was inevitable given that the women were wearing “short dresses” and “Western outfits”. “It was bound to happen. Woman call nudity fashion. They were wearing short dresses,” Azmi told a news agency. “As far as Bengaluru molestation is concerned, women and their guardians must also take precautions and think that security starts at home. Our women must think about their own security themselves.”

Rock On 2 star Farhan Akhtar had some sharp remarks to Azmi’s statements: 

Akhtar is the founder of MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) , an initiative that raises its voice against the violence women face everyday. 

Esha Gupta and Farhan Azmi also waged a Twitter battle with a fiery exchange of words after Farhan responded to her comment by saying the woman she was blaming was his grandmother. The situation became ugly when Farhan retweeted a tweet that was trying to shame her for her onscreen outfits, which claimed (in an echo of Abu Azmi’s statements) that she might as well have been naked.

Farhan Azmi then went on to accuse Farhan Akhtar of doing nothing against even “a single rapist”. 

Meanwhile, other celebrities chipped in with parodies of Azmi’s comments:  

Azmi may not get away with just being ridiculed on social media however. Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Swati Maliwal has now filed a complaint seeking an FIR against Azmi under Section 509 of the IPC for outraging the modesty of a woman. She had earlier tweeted:





This is not the first time that Azmi has made national headlines and irked people with sexist comments. In 2014, Azmi had said  “If any woman whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged.”*

Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia Azmi (Wanted), who is married to Farhan Azmi, reacted to her father-in-law’s statements by saying that both she and her husband were embarrassed by Abu Azmi’s remarks. Farhan Azmi too had said they had tried to talk to Abu Azmi about not making such remarks in the past. 

Scriptwriter Salim Khan, meanwhile, urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately look into the molestation case, saying being young was no excuse for such behaviour. 


Abu Azmi has now tried to explain his comments by saying they had been taken out of context. 

The damage control is perhaps too little, too late.