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Accused In Malayalam Actress Assault Case Tried To Blackmail Actor Dileep

Filmmaker Nadirshah, a close friend of Malayalam actor Dileep, has blown the lid off a plot to incriminate the actor in the abduction and sexual assault of a Malayalam actress. Shah said that he got a call from a person named Vishnu, who had asked him to tell Dileep that if the latter does not give him Rs 1.50 crore, he would inform the police that the actor was involved in the case.


This news comes just a few days after the actress recorded her statement with the police. 

“He told me that it was with great difficulty that he got my number and he wished to speak to him (Dileep) about details of the kidnap case. I said I will return the call, and since my mobile did not have recording facility, I called back from my friends mobile that had recording facility. Vishnu then said he is under tremendous pressure from certain people involved in the film industry to mention Dileep’s name (in connection with the crime) and they have promised him more than Rs 2 crore. So Vishnu asked me to tell Dileep to give him Rs 1.50 crore, and if he did not he will say Dileep’s name [sic],” said the Amar Akbar Anthony director.

Soon after the incident, Dileep had reportedly filed a complaint with the then State Police Chief Loknath Behra, and submitted an audio recording of the phone conversation as evidence. 


“The investigation team is looking into it and more details could not be divulged at this point. The team will verify the authenticity of the complaint,” a senior police officer told The Hindu. The tape will undergo a forensic examination and the voice of the person involved in the audio would be cross-checked with that of the voice in the tape.

The person named Vishnu, who had allegedly made the call, was in jail for a theft case and was put in the same cell as  another person involved named Pulsar Suni. Vishnu was released in March.


Feature Image: Onlookers Media