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Actor Daisy Irani Was Raped At Age 6; Child Actors Have It Tough, She Says

Famous child star of the yesteryears and now comedian, Daisy Irani, has revealed decades later that she was raped during a shoot when she was six by a family friend who was incidentally also her guardian on the sets.

“The man who did this was supposed to be my guardian. He accompanied me to a film shoot (Hum Panchhi Ek Dal Ke) in Madras. One night in the hotel room he violated me, hit me with a belt and warned me that he would kill me if I ever told anyone about what had happened,” Daisy told Mumbai Mirror.


As for the rapist, he’s “dead and gone’ , she said. “His name was Nazar, he was related to the famous singer Zohrabai Ambalewaali. Obviously, he had contacts in the film industry. My mother was hell-bent on making me a star,” she was quoted as saying.

The report also stated that more than the worldwide #MeToo campaign, what prompted her to break her silence is the large number of children working in films, TV and talent shows. She wants to caution parents, guardians and mentors so that they can keep a protective eye.

Her two sisters, Honey (Farhan and Zoya Akhtar’s mother) and Meneka (Farah and Sajid Khan’s mother), too, stepped into the movies and which made Daisy extra protective towards them. She said, “Thanks to our mother, Perin, our lives, when we were kids, resembled a never-ending black comedy.”

“Child actors have it tough. In a majority of cases they have been taken advantage of. Maybe a few have had it easy, but most don’t, really,” she also said.

Farhan Akhtar is the only celebrity who has come out in support of his aunt and even tweeted about it.

Daisy and her sisters, Honey Irani and Menaka, are best known for their roles as child artistes in Bollywood. The sisters are best known for their movies, together or separate – Bandish, Jagte Raho, Bhai Bhai, Naya Daur, Hum Panchi Ek Dal Ke, Musafir, Sahara, Quedi No. 9211, Soorat Aur Seerat and Chandi Ki Diwar. She was last seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year.

(Photo: Zee News)