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Actor-Director Rajasekar Dead. Tributes Pour In From The Industry

Actor-director Rajasekar, who was one half of the director duo Robert Rajasekar that made films like Palaivana Solai, Manasukkul Mathaapu and, Chinnapoove Mellappesu died today in Ramachandra Medical Hospital in Chennai. The duo brought a new artistic sensibility that married Tamil sentiment seamlessly with a ‘highbrow’ aesthetic. The song Megame Megame from Palaivana Solai is a remarkable example of the elegance their vision resulted in. The song features Suhasini and Chandrashekar, who play friends, in the grip of an extraordinary situation. The song is all grace; all subtlety.

Rajasekar also rose to prominence as an actor in 1980 when he was cast in one of the leading roles in Bharatiraja’s Nizhalgal – alongside Chandrasekar and ‘Nizhalgal’ Ravi. He starred in the film’s famous song, Idhu Oru Ponn Malai Pozhuthu. He went on to act in television dramas extensively and was seen in soaps like Saravanan Meenatchi recently.