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Actor Krishna Files For Divorce

Actor Krishna, who married his long-time girlfriend Hemalatha in February last year, has filed for a divorce with the Chennai Family Welfare court.

According to his petition, he has been a victim of physical and mental harassment from his wife for the past fourteen months. Apparently, Hemalatha refused to let Krishna into their home when he returned late after shooting, doubted him immensely, and caused him to lose concentration in his work. He also claims that she has physically injured him.


Hemalatha had pressed Dowry charges on Krishna and his family at a Coimbatore police station. Refuting these charges, Krishna claims that neither he nor his family had demanded any money from her family, and that the marriage expenses had been fully borne by his family.

Krishna has several films in the pipeline, including Yatchan, Grahanam, and Vizhithiru. He is currently filming Pandigai, where he plays a street fighter.