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Actor Pratik Gandhi to Play Mahatma Gandhi in New Series Adapted From Ramachandra Guha’s Biographical Novels

Photo Source: Applause Entertainment Twitter

Gujarati theatre actor Pratik Gandhi, who also works in Hindi cinema, is all set to play the role of Mahatma Gandhi in an upcoming series, which is an adaption of two biographical novels written by historian Ramachandra Guha.


Applause Entertainment, the makers of the upcoming series, called it “a sweeping tale of Indian Independence seen through the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi”, while announcing the series on Thursday. It is produced under the Aditya Birla Group venture and will “bring alive the period of Indian Independence through the lens of our greatest freedom fighters,” as per a statement issued by makers.

Based on the writings of Guha, the upcoming project is a multi-season series, which will be adapted from two of his books titled Gandhi Before India and Gandhi – The Years that Changed the World. 

From his earliest days and his actions in South Africa to the great struggle in India, the series will tell the “lesser-known” stories of his life, which played an important role in shaping young Gandhi into a Mahatma. It will also tell the stories of all his compatriots and contemporaries of the freedom movement, incredible personalities who, along with him, played an integral part in the shaping of a free and modern India.

“Truth, love, non-violence and an iron-willed determination, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi are timeless. He was a great leader, a symbol of peace and a marvel of humanity, who with his extraordinary deeds changed the course of Indian history, and impacted generations of leaders all over the world,” the makers stated.

They also mentioned that the upcoming series will be produced at global standards for a worldwide audience and shot across several Indian as well as international locations.


Speaking on the upcoming project, Guha noted that he is confident that the adaption of his books will “bring complex contours of Gandhi’s life and the moral essence of his teachings to viewers across the globe.”

Pratik Gandhi, best-known for his role as stock broker Harshad Mehta in Scam 1992said, “I deeply believe in the Gandhian philosophy and his values and imbibe many of his qualities and teachings in my daily life. Moreover, playing the role of Mahatma is very close to my heart ever since my theatre days and now it is a huge honour to yet again essay this role with dignity, grace and conviction.”