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Actor Rajinikanth’s Exit From Politics Garners Mixed Reactions From Film Industry and Politicians

Veteran actor Rajinikanth’s announcement of not entering politics on Tuesday met with mixed reactions from politicians and members of the film fraternity.


In his statement on Twitter, Rajinikanth cited his health conditions and said he will not be joining politics and contesting the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2021, despite his earlier announcement of launching a party a few weeks back.

While many felt that the actor took the right call, a few also felt that the decision could have been made earlier.

Speaking to Silverscreen India, Ravichandran, the district secretary of Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), South Chennai, said that it is only Rajinikanth’s health which matters. “His health is very important to us. We will always be supportive of him,” he said.

Talking about the future of Rajini Makkal Mandram, Ravichandran said, “We have been a fan club since 1988 and have done many good deeds. Even recently, we have desilted lakes, planted trees and donated food for many. That work will always continue.”

However, Ganesan, RMM district secretary of Thanjavur, expressed his disappointment. “Our hearts feel like it has been tightened,” he said and added that even though Rajinikanth was not feeling well, it was still painful for them.

“Everyone is feeling upset,” he said and added that the members of RMM had been working hard in the past few days. “All of it has gone to a waste,” he said. He felt that the actor’s decision could have come earlier as much of their work has gone in vain.

Actor-politician Kamal Haasan, who is the leader of political party Makkal Needhi Maiam, expressed his disappointment over Rajinikanth’s decision but added that he valued Rajinikanth’s health the most. “After I finish campaigning, I will go back to Chennai and visit him. I echo his fans’ state of mind. Even though I am a little disappointed, his health is more important to me,” he said.

Many from the film industry supported Rajinikanth in his decision and voiced their concerns over his health.

Director Karthik Subbaraj, who has directed Rajini’s Petta in 2019, took to social media extending his support to Rajinikanth and wrote, “May be we didn’t deserve a good political leader like you.

Actor Nagma, who has worked with Rajinikanth in Baasha, wrote that better sense has prevailed upon Rajini and added that this is no time to make an entry to politics.

Actor Raghava Lawrence too endorsed Rajini’s decision.

Actor Kasthuri Shankar wrote that Rajinikanth’s decision was something she expected and wrote, “If he had said this earlier, those who feel disappointed now could have avoided the pain.”

Producer Dhananjayan called it a right decision at the right time and wrote, “We need you more as a statesman & entertainer for Tamil Nadu than as a typical politician.”

Actor-director-producer Syed Zeeshan Qadri remained hopeful and wrote that perhaps Rajinikanth had more to offer as an artist than as a politician.

According to Karti Chidamabaram, if Rajinikanth had entered politics, it would have been a misadventure since he has no strong ideological mooring for him to be in politics.

Congress spokesperson Americai Narayanan said that Rajinikanth has been honest with his decision and that spiritual politics understood by the people and Mahatma Gandhi will take place.

Political analyst Sumanth C Raman questioned the delay in Rajinikanth’s decision and wrote, “4 weeks ago Covid existed. His post transplant status existed. Yet he said whatever happens to his health he will not quit. All it took was for one day’s fluctuation in BP for the man to back out??”

Earlier on Wednesday, founder of Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam, Tamilaruvi Maniyan, who was instated as the party’s supervisor by Rajinikanth, announced that he has quit politics. Sharing a press statement, he wrote, “There is nothing left for me to accomplish in this political world as it doesn’t know the difference between a gem and a pebble. It is only wise for me to stay away from politics completely as it hasn’t acknowledged my integrity, righteousness, and discipline.”

Rajinikanth on Tuesday stated that he was disappointed to announce that he will not be launching a party and joining politics. He said that he will help the people with their needs without joining politics.


His decision came days after he was admitted to the Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, for fluctuating blood pressure. Rajinikanth, who tested negative for Covid-19, was hospitalised after the shooting for his upcoming Tamil film Annaatthe was halted for the second time this year when four crew members tested positive for the virus.

Rajinikanth explained that due to his recent kidney transplant surgery, his blood pressure cannot fluctuate and stated that it was probably God’s way of warning him to be careful.

The actor had announced in December 2017 that he will join politics and form a party. However, this October, Rajinikanth had hinted that he may not be contesting the elections as his doctor had advised against exertion and exercising caution during Covid-19.