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Actor Salim Kumar-Starrer ‘Aa Muhangal’ To Be a Feel-Good Malayalam Anthology

Aa Muhangal is the title of actor Salim Kumar’s upcoming Malayalam film, which director Jinto Thekkiniyath says is a feel-good anthology.


Written and directed by the debutant, it is produced under the Big Gallery Films banner.

The film’s poster was recently launched on social media by 22 members of the Malayalam film fraternity, including directors Dileesh Pothan, Jeo Baby, and M Padmakumar

Speaking to Silverscreen India, director Jinto says, “Aa Muhangal is a feel-good anthology which consists of five short stories. It is led by actor Salim Kumar. His character is a central element connecting all five stories. We have experimented with a new pattern in crafting an anthology film.”

Jinto notes that Salim plays the role of a retired teacher named Raghunathan, who writes a memoir based on his experiences and some of the important people who have shaped his life.

Apart from Salim, Aa Muhangal also features actors Rajiv Rajan, Jayashankar, Santhosh  Keezhatoor, Jithin Paramel, Roshna Kichu and Renu Sounder.


The director wrote the film during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. “I worked at a rice bazaar in Thrissur. I got the inspiration to write this story after meeting some people there and getting to know their experiences. Two workers from the bazaar have also acted in the film,” he says. “Aa Muhangal’s story is based on current happenings in society and people can relate to it well. It is a film that can be enjoyed by the family audience.”

The filmmaker reveals that some friends of his helped him produce the film. Aa Muhangal’s producers include Jinto and actor Jithin, along with Vishnu Menon, Dheeraj Menon, Rinto Anto, and Ranjith Shankar.

Filming was completed entirely in 2021. “Since it’s an anthology, we shot it in five schedules and wrapped the film on October 24,” says the director. “It took around eight months total to complete the shooting. I roped in four cinematographers to ensure that every short is visually unique.”

Aa Muhangal’s post-production has begun and the team is hoping to bring the film to theatres early next year.