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Actor Sivakumar Apologises For Knocking Down Fan’s Phone


After the outrage that followed a viral video of actor Sivakumar knocking down a fan’s phone at an event, the actor has apologised for his behaviour.

Sivakumar, who recently attended the inaugural ceremony of a private fertility center in Madurai can be seen knocking down the phone of a fan who was trying to take a selfie with him at the event. Expressing regret and apologising for his actions in a video, the actor said: “Excited fans do such things in a crowd. But being a film artiste, I should have been more tolerant. I deeply apologise for what I have done, for many have said that what I did was wrong. I’m very sorry.”

He also spoke to a Tamil news channel and explained the reason behind his behavior. “Selfies – and pictures – are something that one takes with their family on a holiday. While I don’t want to comment on it, is it fair to shove the people who are standing guard in a public place filled with 200-300 people to take a selfie with me? Why don’t you extend the courtesy of asking me before taking a picture? How is it fair to expect a VIP to behave in the way you like? A celebrity is not public property.”

Actor Sivakumar then added, “I have posed with many at airports and wedding events. I don’t claim to be Buddha. I’m a human who wishes to live my life in my own way. I am not requesting anyone to accept me as their leader or hero. Everyone is a hero in their own lives with their own ideologies, but at the same time, they should realise how their actions might affect others.”

Unsurprisingly, the video of the actor at the event went viral in no time, with several meme creators drawing inspiration from it.

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