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Actor Sreenivasan’s Kannur Home Vandalised Allegedly For Supporting Dileep

Actor Sreenivasan’s home in Kuthuparambu, Kannur, was smeared in black oil on September 10. The house, which is locked and also guarded by a security guard, was vandalised allegedly due to Sreenivasan’s support of actor Dileep.

However, Sreenivasan has said that he will not file a police complaint.

“I only wish that the people who did this had smeared black oil all over the house then it would have saved me from painting the home. I have instructed my people there not to clean it up, and told them that if they suspect anyone to ask them to smear black oil on all the walls,” Sreenivasan told the media.

Earlier, Sreenivasan found himself in the middle of a controversy when he claimed that there was no clear evidence to prove that casting couch existed in the Malayalam film industry.


Meanwhile, an association of women artistes of the Malayalam film industry – Women in Cinema Collective – staged a protest at the venue where the Kerala film awards will be held, reported The New Indian Express. The report added that they have collected signatures from the public to get support for the actress who was abducted. It will be sent to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also.

Image Courtesy: IB Times