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Actor Vishal : Highlights From His Ananda Vikatan Interview

Actor Vishal has had quite the eventful year thus far – juggling various film commitments and his new position with the Nadigar Sangam.


With Kaththi Sandai readying for a Diwali 2016 release, Vishal talks to Ananda Vikatan about Vadivelu, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and ofcourse, Nadigar Sangam.

The interview was not entirely controversy free, though.Vishal’s comments about the producers council and its members was heavily criticized by producer Suresh Kamatchi.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview :

On Kaththi Sandai :

“This is Vadivelu’s comeback as a comedian after five years. While comedy takes the centre stage in the film, there is also great action sequences and a social message in it. Vadivelu plays the character of a psychiatrist who treats me. The scenes with him are hilarious and his dialogues will be remembered for a long time to come. The film will release for Diwali this year”

On the Nadigar Sangam :

“First, we paid off the debts of the association. Then, through the Star cricket match, we collected Rs.9 crores which we deposited in an FD account. We wanted to make a database of all the members in the Sangam, which we did. We are also giving an amount of Rs.2000 a month to all members above the age of 80. With the help of Vel’s university, we are helping the children of members receive free higher education. We are also making photo shoots and video shoots of all members which will be uploaded on the Sangam’s website.”

On the Nadigar Sangam Building :

“The plan of the building has been sent to the CMDA for approval. Out target is to open the building on Pongal day, 2018. With the funds we have, we can continue the building work until December this year. To collect more funds, we plan to organise a grand historical play. This play will have both stage and film actors in it. We plan to stage these plays in Malaysia, Singapore and Europe too. I still do not know if i have a part in this play.”


Kamal Haasan will be a part of this latest effort, Vishal says. “Kamal Haasan will surely be a part of this play. He is like a pillar of support for our team. Rajini sir wished us one we won the election. He even attended the Star Cricket match. But we do not know if he would be part of the play.”

Actors Vijay and Ajith did not attend the Star Cricket match. “When we invited Vijay for the Star Cricket match, he said he was not interested to attend it. We did not even try asking Ajith. But we respect everyone’s personal opinion,” Vishal explained.
On his relationship with Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and his wedding:

“Varalaxmi and I are friends since childhood. The first wedding that will be conducted at the Nadigar Sangam building is mine. I have already spoken to Karthi about it and made my booking. Yes, I will get married on January 14th, 2018.”