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Actress Abduction Case: Kavya Madhavan’s Boutique Raided By Police

As things get murkier in the actress abduction case, Kerala Police raided actress Kavya Madhavan’s boutique yesterday. According to a Manorama report, the outlet in Kakkanad, Kochi, was raided, as the main accused in the case, Pulsar Suni, claimed to have deposited a memory card there. The memory card is supposed to contain pictures of the actress who was abducted. 

The probe was to find the memory card and the team is yet to track it. Police is yet to ascertain who received the memory card. 


The raid is said to have lasted three hours and was conducted with utmost secrecy. Kerala Police has not ruled out  a deliberate attempt by certain people to derail the probe. 

Pulsar Suni is said to have mentioned the boutique in his letter to actor Dileep, who is married to Kavya, Dileep claims the letter was written with the intent of blackmail. He denies any links with the main accused. 

Meanwhile, a selfie of Dileep with Pulsar Suni in the background has been surfacing online and Police is expected to summon both Dileep and director Nadirshah for a second round of questioning.