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Actress Aditi Says Harassment From Selvakannan Left Her Feeling “Suicide Was The Only Way Out”

Actress Aditi, who recently attempted suicide, said that she felt  that step after facing intimidation and harassment from director Selvakanna. Selvakanna had directed Aditi in her debut film, Nedu Nel Vaadai. The actress alleged that Selvakannan behaved inappropriately with her, and regularly subjected her to mental abuse. “Within a few weeks of shooting, he began torturing me. He changed the hero of the film because we were close. He told me to always be with him because he was in love with me. When I could not endure it any longer, I walked out of the project,” Aditi told Silverscreen.in. 


The actress said she had locked herself at home for days in fear of Selvakannan. “For days I would not get out of my home because I was afraid that he would somehow do something to me. Once during an advertisement shoot, he came in with a gang of rowdies and dragged me out of the set.”

Aditi also said that even though Selvakannan assaulted her in broad daylight, she found little protection from the authorities. During the altercation, Aditi sustained injuries, and says even  clothes were torn. She said, “Police came in and saved me. I begged them to somehow keep me safe. But they said that I had to complete the movie because I had been paid in advance by the producer.”

The director’s council too was of little help, Aditi told Silverscreen.in. “I met all the senior officials. They said that they could not help me. Even Vikraman sir said that I had to work with Selvakannan.”


Ultimately, Aditi felt that the only way she could escape the situation was by ending her life, “I didn’t want to live a life and endure these kind of issues. I felt that the only way out was by leaving this world.”

A mental health specialist is now working with Aditi. The actress is receiving regular therapeutic treatment.

The Nadigar Sangam is currently investigating the issue, according to reports. Meanwhile, Aditi tells us that she has filed several complaints against the director in all the film councils. “I’m not sure I will get any help though,” Aditi adds.