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Malayalam Actress Warns Legal Action Against Those Who Defame Her

The Malayalam actress who was abducted and assaulted in Kochi four months ago, has lashed out at actor Dileep for defaming her in an interview. Stating that she would take legal action against anyone who defames her, the actress said: “An actor’s statement has come to my notice that I was friends with the main accused Pulsar Suni, and that one should be extremely careful while choosing friends. Such statements have no basis and it has pained me. If need be, I am ready to take legal action for spreading baseless rumours about me. My conscience is pure. I fear no one. I will face all enquiries [sic]. ”

Further, the actress also rubbished reports that the case has “been settled.” 


“The sudden developments show that the case is very much alive, and I fully trust the police to complete the investigation. Whenever the police summoned me, I went to them leaving all important work to cooperate with the case,” she said.

Dileep had earlier stated in an interview with Reporter TV that the actress should have been careful in establishing friendships, and that she had gone on a trip to Goa with the accused. 


Meanwhile, the newly formed association – Women in Cinema Collective – has voiced support for the actress. 

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Posted by Women in Cinema Collective on Tuesday, June 27, 2017