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Ajith 55: 6 Songs, 3 Titles, and a Sequel

Gautham Menon revealed some interesting details about his upcoming Ajith 55 in an interview to a Tamil Magazine (Kungumam) recently. The highlights:

1. Ajith will be seen through the ages of 28 – 35 in the film and will have four different ‘looks’. See two of them here.

2. Trisha’s role is very crucial to the film. Ajith 55 will not exist if not for the character that she plays.

3.In the film, Anushka Shetty plays an IT professional who helps Ajith’s character with his investigation.

4.The director has already registered three titles for the film with the council. GVM, Ajith and AM Rathnam will finalise the title soon.


5. There is high probability of a sequel to Ajith 55. Depending upon the success of the film and its reception, GVM will arrive at a decision.

6. The film will have a total of six songs, out of which two have already been canned.

7. Ajith has done most of the stunts in Ajith 55 without the aid of a double.

8. The project has the right mix of ‘class’ and ‘mass’. There’s everything in it – a car/bike chase sequence, romance, action, the works.