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No Flying Trucks and Machine Guns in Ajith 55: Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon had disclosed more details about Ajith 55 in an interview to a Tamil magazine recently. Highlights from the interaction here:


1. GVM has not revealed the climax sequence even to Ajith Kumar, his lead star.

2. The song that lyricist Thamarai has written for the film is Ajith’s favourite, apparently. The actor has repeatedly told Gautham Menon that the words capture his role in the film perfectly.

ஒரு வெள்ளிக் கொலுசுபோல
இந்தப் பூமி சிணுங்கும் கீழ…
அணியாத வைரம்போல
அந்த வானம் மினுங்கும் மேல…

3.The different makeovers that Ajith went through for the role is the talk of town right now. The director has said that the ‘script demanded’ a change in Ajith’s look and that the actor was very eager to do it for the film. “Everybody tells me that Ajith looks very fresh and new. If the fans are of the same opinion, then we will make more sequels.”

4. Ajith 55 will follow Ajith’s transition from a 28-year-old guy to a man approaching middle age. “This is not your usual Ajith film!” laughs the director.

5. Ajith has learnt how to play the guitar and has also mastered the finer points of boxing for his role. “I never asked him to do anything. He did it all by himself after reading the script,” says Gautham.

6. Gautham has signed on two leading ladies for his film – Anushka and Trisha. “Anushka was on-board first, and when we approached Trisha a little later, she was a mite hesitant about accepting our offer since she was not sure if her character will get any prominence in the scheme of things.” When Anushka got to know about this, she immediately offered to exchange roles with Trisha. “But Trisha wouldn’t let her change anything. She raved about Anushka’s generosity of spirit and immediately signed on. When I narrated all of this to Ajith later, he told me that I will find it very easy to give both these talented actresses equal prominence in the film.”

7. When asked about Arun Vijay‘s role though, the director becomes tight-lipped. “For an actor of Arun Vijay’s calibre to accept a character role like this is a big thing. Ajith keeps telling Arun that the way he has maintained his body is a source of motivation for him. Now as the action sequence approaches, both of them are slogging it out at the gym.”


8. Ajith 55 will also be unusual in the way that it won’t have an opening song or those typical punchlines, declares Gautham Menon. “Ajith raved about the script to me and told me not to add anything to enhance his image. So, the audience can come watch the film with the expectation that it will be good cinema. Please don’t expect flying trucks and machine guns. Ajith has already done that in other films. He won’t be doing that in mine.”

9. After a long interval, the hit combo of GVM – Thamarai – Harris Jayaraj come together for Ajith 55 and naturally, the expectations are high. Says Gautham, “There are five songs in the film and each one of them will become a big hit. Just wait and watch.”