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Akshara Haasan: “Let’s Learn To Live and Let Live With Dignity”


Intimate photos of Akshara Haasan were in circulation on social media earlier this week. The actor, through a press release, wrote at length about the harassment she has been subjected to since and said that she has enlisted the help of Mumbai Police in the issue.

According to the actor, the Police will assist in finding out the identity of the person who leaked the photos online.

Akshara says that every time the photos are shared with sensational headlines to draw more traction, it scars her deeper and also makes her feel more helpless. “It contributes to everyone’s participation in my harassment and helplessness,” she writes.

A spokesperson for the actor told Silverscreen that the social media abuse she was subjected to has left her feeling harassed and despondent. “Many are sharing those photos. Even news organisations. This is highly condemnable. This is a young girl we’re talking about. The trolling has become uncontrollable. And yes, its making her feel worse. The loss of privacy is one thing. But now, she’s being called names. This is very inappropriate, what they’re doing and it has made for a difficult time for Akshara, really.”

Of utmost priority now is to make sure that Akshara is better, the spokesperson said. Efforts are on to secure legal assistance in the matter as well.

Akshara, in her statement, wrote that it was particularly disturbing to see such an incident take place just weeks after the #MeToo movement gained prominence.

“There are still people out there who share private pictures of a young girl to derive some perverse pleasure that appeals only to them.”

Akshara wrote that she hoped that we would all learn to live and let live with dignity. “And hope that the internet won’t continue actively participating in my harassment. #MeToo”

The spokesperson added that the Mumbai Police will launch an investigation into the leak and find the person responsible as soon as possible.

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